December 7, 2021

A Quick One


Roger Daltrey Vocals
John Entwistle Bass Guitar [Horns] & Vocals
Keith Moon Drums
Pete Townshend Guitar & Vocals

Produced by Kit Lambert
Sleeve design by Alan Aldridge [later editor of The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics and designer of the cover for Elton John’s Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy]
[Original liner notes, US album only, by Nick Jones of Melody Maker]
Liner notes by Chris Charleworth [in brackets by Brian Cady]

A Quick One was originally released as Reaction 593 002 on December 3rd, 1966. It reached #4 in the U.K. In the U.S. the release was held back until May 1967. The album was retitled Happy Jack because the "Happy Jack" single had been a minor hit [#24] for The Who there and partly because Decca, their record company, objected to the double entendre in the original title. Released as Decca DL4892 (mono), DL 74892 (stereo) it peaked at #51. Happy Jack was the same album as A Quick One except "Heatwave" was replaced by "Happy Jack." [the U.S. album had six tracks in true stereo. The rest were in reprocessed fake stereo. The album was originally to have been called Jigsaw Puzzle and consist of the following tracks: "I’m A Boy" (slow version later released on Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy), "Run Run Run", "Don’t Look Away", "Circles", "I Need You", "Showbiz Sonata" (later retitled "Cobwebs and Strange"), "In The City", "Boris The Spider", "Whiskey Man", "See My Way", "Heat Wave" and "Barbara Ann."]

The Ready Steady Who! EP was released in the U.K. as Reaction 592001 on Nov. 11th, 1966. [It reached #1 on the British EP’s chart. The Who did intend to use their live performances on the TV special filmed Oct. 18, 1966 and aired Oct. 21 but they were denied the rights to use audio from the show. The songs performed on the special were "Batman" (lip-synced), "Cobwebs and Strange," "Bucket T," "I’m A Boy," "Disguises," and "My Generation/Rule Brittania." All copies of the broadcast appear to have been lost.]