December 7, 2021

The Who Sell Out


Roger Daltrey Vocals
John Entwistle Bass Guitar [Horns] & Vocals
Keith Moon Drums [and vocals]
Pete Townshend Guitar [organ on "Silas Stingy] & Vocals

Produced by Kit Lambert
[Engineered (at songs recorded at Talentmasters Studios, New York) by Chris Huston.]

Sleeve design by David King & Roger Law [Law was later co-creator of the TV show Spitting Image]
Front & Back Cover Photography by David Montgomery [shot in his Chelsea studio in October 1967. According to John, he was supposed to be the one in the beans, but when he heard about it, he decided to show up late. With beans ready and no John, Roger was drafted. The beans had been kept in a refrigerator and were ice cold. And John got the girl!]


Liner notes by Chris Charlesworth [in brackets by Brian Cady]

The Who Sell Out was originally released as Track 612 002 (mono), 613002 (stereo) on December 15th, 1967. It reached #13 in the U.K. Released in the U.S. as Decca DL 4950 (mono), DL 74950 (stereo), it reached #48.

[The concept for The Who Sell Out came from Pete and Who manager Chris Stamp. Stamp tried to interest advertisers in paying for the adverts inserted by The Who on the record but, with only 50,000 copies of the album expected to be printed, none of the companies would buy. The U.S. LP hit the Billboard charts on January 6th. It was undoubtedly released prior to that date, maybe as early as the last week of December 1967. The stereo mix was completed at De Lane Lea Studios, London, on October 30. The mono master was completed at the same studio November 2nd. The mono "Our Love Was" track has a different guitar part from the stereo and features a "flanging" effect throughout. "Odorono" lost its guitar part, "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand," "Tattoo" and "Relax" have slightly different mixes and the bass was more prominent throughout. This mix was released on CD in Japan in 2007.]

A psychedelic poster was included in the original issues of the British LP. [It was designed by Adrian George of Osiris Visions. Osiris Visions were best known for their psychedelic posters used to promote acts at the UFO and Middle Earth Clubs in London.]