December 7, 2021

Who Are You


Roger Daltrey Vocals
John Entwistle Bass Guitar, Vocals & synthesizer [and horns]
Keith Moon Drums & Percussion
Pete Townshend Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer & Vocals
Andy Fairweather-Low Backing vocals on "New Song," "Had Enough," "Guitar And Pen," "Love Is Coming Down" and "Who Are You" [Andy was the lead singer of The Amen Corner in the mid-60’s. Since 1991 he has been Eric Clapton’s backup guitarist/vocalist and appeared on Clapton’s Unpluggedalbum and also accompanied Pete on his 1993 Psychoderelict tour.]  
Rod Argent Synthesizer on "Had Enough" and piano on "Who Are You" [Rod was the keyboardist for The Zombies ("She’s Not There," "Tell Her No") then headed the early 70’s band Argent ("Hold Your Head Up"). He is now a producer, composer and performer.]  
Ted Astley String arrangements on "Had Enough" and "Love Is Coming Down" [Ted Astley, full name Edwin Thomas Astley, was born in 1922. In addition to being Pete’s father-in-law, Astley was a composer for many British films and TV series including The Mouse That Roared, the 1962 version of The Phantom of the OperaThe Saint, and, oddly enough, the 1961 film A Matter Of Who. He died in 1998.]

Produced by Glyn Johns and Jon Astley [Jon Astley is the son of Ted Astley and Pete’s brother-in-law. He was in charge of the 1994-1998 Who re-release program. Glyn Johns quit Who Are You after getting head-butted by Roger. He returned for 1982’s It’s Hard.]
Engineering Assistance: Judy Szekely

Front cover photograph: Terry O’Neill [the front cover was a last minute choice after a cover of The Who with the Shepperton audience lined up behind them was rejected. Keith sat in the chair with the ominous message in order to disguise his paunch which was sticking out over his trousers top.]
Sleeve design: Bill Smith

Who Are You was released as Polydor 2490 147 (WHOD 5004) August 18, 1978. It reached #6 in the U.K. Released in the U.S. as MCA 3050 on August 25, 1978, it reached #2.

[In addition to the standard releases, Who Are You was also released in red vinyl in Canada, a picture disc in the U.S., two 1981 "Super Disk" versions on the Direct Disk Labs label (SD 16610), one regular and one requiring a DBX decoder, and a 1992 Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs gold CD (UDCD 561). Who Are You went platinum (1 million in U.S. sales) within four weeks of its release and reached double platinum in 1993.]

Liner notes by Matt Resnicoff [with additions in brackets by Brian Cady]

[Who Are You had part of its genesis in another attempt to revive the 1970 Lifehouse project (for more on that, see the liner notes to Who’s Next). According to Pete, Roger had pushed him to have another try at the project and he wrote a new draft of the screenplay. This one is a sequel to the previous Lifehouse story. Set 200 years after those events, it concerns another attempt to stage a huge rock concert and feed it to all the people on the Grid in order to free them from the necessity of the experience suits. Those holding the concert are aided by the "musos," a group that worship music and who are opposed to Plusbond, the corporation that runs the Grid. The woman who runs Plusbond, meanwhile, is promising that if people do not abandon their suits, the "perfect one" will soon arrive to lead them to spiritual salvation. Prior to Keith Moon’s death, The Who announced plans to make four films, The Kids Are Alright, Quadrophenia, McVicar and Lifehouse. Lifehouse was to have been directed by Nicholas Roeg, the director of Performance and The Man Who Fell To Earth. Pete and Nicholas had trouble agreeing to the direction of the script and then had a falling out in 1980 which again scuttled plans for the film.]