March 4, 2021


Book about The Who

Books About The Who

   Below is a list of books which cover all aspects of the British rock band The Who. The books are listed in approximate chronological order. Mouse over a title and you'll see a preview of each title's book page. Click on a title to navigate to that book's page with information, cover images and reader comments about the book. Each book page has a link back to this list as well as links to the next and previous books in the list.

   The purpose of this site is to document what's been published and also provide a forum for Who fans to rate each book and add their comments about their favorite (and not so favorite) books.

   Some books have been published in more than one edition and the specs listed on the book pages may not reflect the specs of all editions. Book titles listed with an asterisk (*) after their names are duplicates of previously published books with different titles, clicking on these titles will take you to the original published title. The key to the color coded dots on the right side of the list is at the bottom of the page.  

   You may contact the editor of Books About The Who at: booksaboutthewho (at) gmail (dot) com.

1971 The Who Gary Herman
1973 The Who Jeff Stein & Chris Johnston
1974 Les Who Sacha Reins
1974 The Who Through The Eyes Of Pete Townshend Conner McKnight & Caroline Silver
1975 The Who George Tremlett
1975 The Who: Ten Great Years Various
1976 Who Jordi Sierra i Fabra
1977 The Story of Tommy Richard Barnes and Pete Townshend
1977 A Decade of The Who Ted Dicks and The Who
1978 Whose Who? A Who Retrospective Brain Ashley and Steve Monnery
1979 The Who in Their Own Words Steve Clarke
1979 Headliners The Who John Swenson
1979 The Who File Steve Clarke
1979 Keith Moon The Life and Death of a Rock Legend Ivan Waterman
1979 Quadrophenia Alan Fletcher
1980 Los Who Jorge Arnaiz
1980 The Who Giacomo Mazzone
1980 The Who Paul Sahner & Thomas Iferror
1981 Moon the Loon Dougal Butler
1981 The Who: The Illustrated Discography Ed Hanel
1981 Are the Kids Alright? John Fuller
1982 The Who Maximum R&B Richard Barnes
1982 The Who Giandomenico Curi
1982 The Illustrated Biography Chris Charlesworth
1983 Before I Get Old Dave Marsh
1983 The Who Michael P. Deegan
1983 The Farewell Tour Phillip Kamin and Peter Goddard
1984 Townshend: A Career Biography Chris Charlesworth
1984 Manual Rock The Who various
1986 The Lamberts Andrew Motion
1989 The Who: A Poster Book Mick St. Michael
1992 The Who In Print Stephen Wolter & Karen Kimber
1993 The Who’s Tommy Various
1995 Teenage Wasteland Chris Welch
1995 Teenage Wasteland The Legend of The Who Geoffrey Giuliano
1995 A Quick Sell Out Andy Neill
1995 The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Who Chris Charlesworth
1995 The Who In Sweden Olle Lundin
1996 Behind Blue Eyes Geoffrey Giuliano
1997 The Who Complete Discography Christain Suchatzki
1997 The Who Concert File Joe McMichael & Irish Jack Lyons
1998 A Fortnight of Furor Andrew Neill
1998 Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon Tony Fletcher
1998 Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy John Perry
1999 Lifehouse Pete Townshend with Jeff Young
1999 Pete Townshend: The Minstrel’s Dilemma Larry David Smith
2000 The Who Live Ross Halfin
2000 The Who On Record John Atkins
2001 Classic Performances of The Who Stewart Hillman
2001 Eyewitness – The Day By Day Story Johnny Black
2001 Keith Moon A Personal Portrait Peter 'Dougal' Butler
2001 The Who Mariano Muniesa
2002 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere Andy Neill & Matt Kent
2002 Chasing The Wind: A Quadrophenia Anthology Gary Wharton
2002 Maximum Who Ross Halfin
2002 The Who Eleanor Bagarotto
2002 The Who: A Who’s Who Richard Bogovich & Cheryl Posner
2003 Sotheby’s – The John Entwistle Collection Sotheby's
2004 Roger Daltrey: The Biography Tim Ewbank & Stafford Hildred
2004 Bass Culture: The John Entwistle Bass Collection John Entwistle
2005 The Who Marcus Hearn
2005 Keith Moon – Instant Party Alan Clayson
2006 The Who Sell Out John Dougan
2006 Amazing Journey: The Life of Pete Townshend Mark Wilkerson
2006 The Making of Tommy Nigel Cawthorne
2006 The Who in Denmark & Norway & Finland Olle Lundin
2007 Live At Leeds 2 Dave
2007 Le Groupe Mod Philippe Margotin
2007 The Who Christophe Delbrouck
2007 Pop Rock Noa Flynn
2008 Maximum Rock Christoph Geisselhart
2009 The Who Romeo Strakl
2009 Twilight of the Gods Tony Klinger
2008 Who Are You: The Life of Pete Townshend* Mark Wilkerson
1979 The Who* Sacha Reins
1980 The Who* George Tremlett
1975 Les Who* George Tremlett
1981 The Who Britain’s Greatest Rock Group* John Swenson
1981 Full Moon* Dougal Butler
1990 Die illustrierte Biografie* Chris Charlesworth
2004 The Complete Guide To Their Music* Chris Charlesworth
2006 Story und Songs kompakt* Chris Charlesworth
2000 The Life and Death of a Rock Legend* Tony Fletcher
2007 Who Is It* Philippe Margotin
2010 The Who By Numbers Steve Grantley & Alan Parker
2010 The Who Revealed Matt Kent
2011 Won’t Get Fooled Again Richie Unterberger
2012 Who Did What: Scott Parker
2012 Who I Am Pete Townshend
2012 Article Archive: 1964 – 1979 unknown
2012 The Who* Marcus Hearn
2013 When Stars Were In Reach Michael Rosenbloom