Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Electric Factory 1969

Label / Index #
NightHawk NH-02013

Compare with;
Electric Factory 1969 (CD) (CONHECA AMAZONA RS 6167)
Unreleased 1969 Show (CD) (Trystar TR0016/17/18)

Venue: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Sunday,
October 19, 1969
Recording: Soundboard
Comments: This is reported to be a silver pressed CD on the NightHawk label and
appears to be a copy of disc 3 of
Unreleased 1969 Show (CD) (Trystar TR0016/
. Several versions of this disc appear to be in circulation. Both CD’s depicted
above are reported as being silver pressed CD. This particular recording, however,
is a Soundboard recording unlike the above-mentioned CD, which is an audience
recording. Note CD 2 has markings indicative of a CD-R on the inner portion of the
disc. This CD does not contain the entire show. Compare with the CDs listed above.

 1. Heaven And Hell (partially)
 2. I Can’t Explain
 3. Overture
 4. It’s A Boy
 5. 1921
 6. Amazing Journe
 7. Sparks
 8. The Acid Queen
 9. Summertime Blues
10. My Generation – My Generation Jam (incl. See Me Feel Me)

Thanks to Jeff Rosenthal and Matt W. for the information and scans for this CD.