December 1, 2021

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Tuesday, October 18, 1966

(55 years ago)

The Who record their first and only television special at Wembley Studios for Associated Rediffusion TV's Ready Steady GO! as half the show (about 16 minutes) is turned over to the foursome.

Only memories and photographs remain of this show which involved The Who clowning around on set between numbers, performing “Batman” while wearing capes and smashing their instruments at the end. It was this final act which deeply upset British viewers on the show's airing on the 21st.

Ready Steady GO! fans write in to Melody Maker to blast the show: “More a disaster than a happening.” “I have rarely seen a group perform so much concentrated rubbish in such a short time.” “It produced in me a feeling of complete nausea.” “It took me years to save for my guitar, and seeing The Who holding theirs by the neck and smashing them on the floor and pushing them through amplifiers made me sick.”





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