December 1, 2021

Thursday, June 18, 1970

(51 years ago)

The Who reportedly play the Austin Memorial Auditorium in Houston, Texas. This show is listed on many sites, including and, although the latter does indicate it's "An unsure date". It is not listed in AAA. A thorough search of the internet fails to turn up a venue in Houston, Texas called "Austin Memorial Auditorium" or "Houston Memorial Auditorium", nor any record of The Who playing in Houston on this date. A search of Austin Memorial Auditorium does indicate that "Hogg Auditorium" on the University of Texas, Austin campus, was a venue that could have been called "Austin Memorial Auditorium" around this time, but there does not appear to be ANY record of a show by The Who on this date. If anyone has any information about this date or venue - please let us know!




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