May 31, 2020

1967-07-25 – Grand Prairie Daily News

1967 07 25 Grand_Prairie_Daily_News_Tue__Jul_25__1967_


TEENS. supplied the Dally
News With I detailed dam
don of “the action" they wit-
nueed from Memorial Audito-
rtum in Dallas. last weekend.

The two young ladies were
among an auditorium full of
other Dlllu area teenagers.
who turned out to give Her-
man's Hermite (you know old
Herman) a big welcome. Also
sharing the bill were “Blue's
Mums" and "The Who."

m y o u n g reporters de-
scribed the “Magoos” per-
formance as ”out 0! site"
(and that's pretty good). The
group was wearing black bell
- bottom suits “with red.
green, yellow and orange -
crazy designs." It that tm't
enough for you. would you be-
lieve the suits were battery
operated and flashed In the
dark. Pretty groovey. huh?

Nevertheless, g e t t i n g on ‘
with the show — Who but
"The Who" appeared next.
Climaxing h is pertormance.
this c h a r a c t e r reportedly
"went wlid." Smoke bubbled
from the amplifier while the
lead guitar player banged his
instrument on the stage fioor t
and. by-the-way. tore it to 3
pieces. If this doesn‘t amuse 1
you. let us add that the drum- it
mei' knocked his drums off 1;
their stand. at] over the stage.
no d on bt demolishing his a
means of livelihood. r

At this point the “Who" dis-
appeared behind the curtain.
We don’t blame him.

But. those “fabulous Hero
mtts" appeared next and
made everything A-okay. The
two teens reported between
the Itnes with sighs and wisps
ot adorations in their hand-
writing. that ”the Hermits did
the best show that they've
ever done." and that the "Her-
mits" love Dallas. and Dallas
10ch the "Hermits." So be it.