January 17, 2021

1967-08-05 – The Town Talk

1967 08 05 The_Town_Talk_Sat__Aug_5__1967_


Girls Review Hermits Performance

By Laura Dale and Audi Hoyt lAin't Got Nothin’ Yet,” whichl' They ended their set with “My
R e d e m P i 0 r i S t Football z drew the most reaction, Generation." during which they ,

Stadium in Baton Rouge was Pink Bollbofloms tproceeded to live up to their
filled with a capacity crowd of Th d' tth h' t th't reputation and demolish the
more than 6,000 when Herman’s em?“ “:1,“ 8° e ,'"g d stage. Pete Townshend smashed
Hermits, and Blues Magoos and some "18 18 W38 comm on his guitar and kicked over the
the Who rocked the stands wnth as the Who 5 l6-p1ece drum kit amplifiers. causing an explosion

their latest hits. °
was being set up. Then Roger on stage and the release of

The im P 3 t i e ”i 01’0de Daltry, lead singer of the Who,
:gfaggdlfggsngiggdasthgegg: walked out in his shocking pink
cert with “Harlem Shuffle." bellbottoms, long Silver sash, back the wild audience who

smoke bombs. At this point only
the security guards could hold

The crowd was asked to sing flowered shirt and tassled attem
. .. , .pted to rush the stage.
along as she led m Doubleheads, he was followed by lead After intermission, the high-,

Shot." The Lads closed out with l guitarists Pete Townshend who

“Respect," wore solid white 8355 light of the program was the
11. | C d .BUiiafiSts, John Enwistle wore Hermits, Barry Witwam, Derek
' nn row striped pants and a jacket made LeKenby, Keith Hopwood, and


‘ A more popular grow with to resemble the British flag. lKarlGreene, The audience could
the Baton Rouge audience was Drummer, Keith Moon, the ias- harldy be contained when Peter
the Inn Crowd who started off test 19-year-old drummer in the Noone (Herman) stepped on'
with “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" as world, was dressed in blue jeans stage in his hlue-flowered pants
the Swingsville Sweethearts anda “69” football jersey. and started singing “A Little

danced. They started out with u"..; Help From My Friends,”

The Blues Magoos shocked the stitute,” a song which was ° fOHOWEd by ”A Must t0, AVON."
crowd as they climbed on stage banned in the United States and and “Happy T089th9f~'
with their (fsychedelic uniforms made in England. This was During “Mrs. Brown, You’ve
that flashe red and green lights followed by other English hits Got 3 Lovely Daughter,” the
as the night set in. The audience and then their first American audience joined in clapping and
reacted well as Peppy sang “I hit, “Happy Jack,” and what singing. His closing hits were
Wanna Be There”, their new they hope will be the spectacu- barely audible as the crowd
single which is to be released lar follow - up, “Pictures of made surging attemptstoget on
soon. They finished up with “We Lily.” stage.