March 5, 2021

1967-08-12 – Lincoln Journal Star

1967 08 12 Lincoln_Journal_Star_Sat__Aug_12__1967_



Omaha' 3 Rosenblatt Sta-
dium mated to the psyche-
dielic sounds of the Blues
M a g o o s,‘ the smashing
sounds of the Who and the
typically English style of
Herman's Hermits.

The Blues Magoos h a v e
been very successful in the
past few months. Th e y
have had four hit singles,

. . their current release being

“I Want To Be There” and
two h it albums, “Psyche-
delic Lollipop” and “Elec-
tric Comic Book.”

Ronnie Gilbert. R a l p h
Scala. Mike Esposito, Geoff
Dating and Peppy Theil-
helm, the nucleus at th e
Blues Magoos. hail fro m
New York City and recent-
ly puchased a home in the
Bronx which they claim is
haunted by a ghost the y
have named Fritz.

The Who? That's r i g h t.
The Who! This English
group (Pete Townsend.
‘Roger Daltry. Keith Moon
and John Entwhistlei h a 5
several number-one hits in
Britain including “My Gen-
eration." “Substitute” and
“Pictures of Lilly," The
Who’s n ewe st album is
named after their recent
Chart - topper. “H a p p y

Noted for the. way th e. y

end a performance. th e
Who finishes their act by
“finishing" th e i r instru-
ments and amplifiers.
L'p In Smoke
It's enough to make an
Up - and - coming musician
cry to see several thousand
dollars of equipment go up
in smoke.
This was Herman’s Her-
mits second trip to Nebras-

ka. the first being in Lin-
coln last summer.

When asked if the Her-
mits liked Lincoln, the
group’s lead guitarist, Der-
ek “Lek” Leckenby, re-
plied, “Lincoln, Nebraska?
It’s a wonderful city. We

‘Ifi hie».

H e r m a 11. whose real
name is Peter Noone. is as
witty, clever and funny off
stage as on stage. As he
s i g n e d autographs, he
talked constantly.

. At one point. he sang a ,
few lines of the Beatles hit.

“This Boy.” The Beatles
are looked upon as “kings”
by the Hermits. They also
like Elvis Presley.
Really Didn‘t Matter
Always anxious to please,
Herman’s Hermits happily

Hermans Hermits


. . . aCrymg

gave autographs, posed for
pictures and talked. At
times it'was slightly diffi-
cult to understand what
they said, but to the fans it
really didn’t matter; .

The group’s first record
in 1965 was “I’m Into
50mm! noon.“ n ow,
nearly two years after its
release, the Hermits a r e
quite a bit richer’ and have
travelled all over the world.

A few years ago, Peter
Nobne was an actor Barry
Whitman Was a hairdresser,
Keith Hopwood was a tele-
phone mechanic, D e r e k (

Leckenby was a student
and Karl Greene was an
engraver. Now they are the
five musicians known to
the world as Herman's Her-
, mits.

. . . typically English.

W.— _...._~..__