May 31, 2020

1967-08-25 – The Philadelphia Inquirer

1967 08 25 The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Fri__Aug_25__1967_

At Civic Center


EA Beating From
Teens Hermits

:E Of The Inquirer Staff E

The Who, mop- -headed four-
some from England making

their} local debut in support of
EHerman’s Hermits, set an ex-
ample at the Civic Center on
Thursday night that it is de-
ivoutly hoped all rock ’n’ roll

groups will follow.

E At the conclusion of their car-

Esplitting act, so torrid that
Esmoke began to come from the

stage amplification equipment,
Ethe drummer tossed his drum-
Esticks (dozens of them) and his
Edrums to the winds, and the two
Eguitarists broke up their instru-_


E The youngsters in the front

Erows vainly looked for pieces of
guitar as souvenirs. But, alas,
Eit was only an act. The boys put
their guitars together again ( out
of sight) for their next show. E
Too bad it’s only an act. .
Herman’ s Hermits, who were
:first heard here in 1965 in sup-
Eport of the Rolling Stones, star-

red on their own this time and
the police were prepared fori
Eanything. Mobile communica-E
Etions unit, fire rescue squad out-E
Eside; scores of policemen and!
Epolicewomen, and barricadesE

Einside. E

E The police were kept busy‘.

keeping teenage photographers
E autograph- seekers and just plain

idolaters from the stage, and
:some looked as if they wouldE
have preferred riot duty.


E The audience, held to aboutE
4000 by the rain, was 99 per-E_
cent teenager and about 75 per-E
Ecent girls, but their squealsE
made one shudder to think whatE E


the sound would have been had
Ethe hall been filled.
E The squeals were fairly well
Econtrolled in the first half,E
while the deafening Blues Ma-E
Egoos and The Who were onE
stage. Or perhaps they were
Edrowned out 3
E The audience 5 enthusiasm asE
Eexpressed in plain noise was notE
entirely welcomed b the per-E
f-ormers on stage. %
‘Shut up!” bsaid the BluesE
Magoos’ bass guitarist, John?
Entwistle, as he tried to an-E
nounce a number. He had mo
imentary success.


Peter Noone, the Herman of '
the Hermits, frowned more than
Eonce, both at the blinding flash-
Ebulbs and the noise from theE
audience,wh1ch almost over-E
powered the overpowering no1se
Efrom the stage. E
E As intimated, the audience
" Emore than made Up in enthusi E
Easm what it lacked in numbers. E
E The Blues Magoos, who sang
one number, “Take My Love ”
with a title ending in an ob
Escenity, added stroboscopic light:
Etricks to their act. Again, the
Epounding bass from an electron-E
Eic organ would have shaken the
Erafters, if Civic Center had any. E
The Who and Herman’ s HermitsE
Esubstituted a roaring bass elec- E
H Etric guitar for the organ. E