January 17, 2021

1967-08-31 – Palladium Item

1967 08 31 Palladium_Item_Thu__Aug_31__1967_

State Fair Events

Friday classes judged in the Coliseum.

. . 8 a.m. — Dairy cattle judging
INDIANAPOLIS — Pmt-sue . . . . .
Napoleons will 'try their luck m the Cohseum; Judgmg m the

. Sheep Building Open class poul-
du the Watermelon Water- . '.
loom:E the preteen Watermelon try judgmg m the Poultry
eating contest sponsored by the Buitdtng. .
Young America Fair Friday at 8-30 agm; — J udgmg in the
the Indiana State Fair here. Swine Bulldtng.

Slices of watermelon will be 9 a-m-Flmjal arrangements
placed on paper plates. At a “9“ (391'33893'xllldged 1n the. A&-
signal the entrants eat the red rtculture-Horttculture Butldmg.‘
portion of the melon and run 10 a.m. - Stage band contest
20.. ‘feet to the judges. First in the Farmers Building, roost-
,one there wins. er crowing contest in the Paul-

A stage band contest will W Butldmg.
take place in the Farmers 11:30 am. and 2:30 p.m.--—-
Building during the morning. Style show in the Women’s.
Bands from throughout the Building.

{state will compete. l p.m. — Harness horse races.
~ 7:30 am. — Percheron halter at the grandstand.

4 and 8:30 p.m. — Herman’s

0 ‘ 0 Hermite with the Blues Magoos

I G'Ven Ohlo and The Who in the Coliseum.

. 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. — Hell

eral LIVES drivers auto show at the grand-


finnm hunting. nramn nrnnnr‘nfl ac