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1968-01-11 – The Tampa Tribune

1968 01 11 The_Tampa_Tribune_Thu__Jan_11__1968_

14—3 1112 TAMPA TRIBUNE. Tlllrllhy. January 11. 1“!
Teen Topics—

45 RPM Record Sales Increase


Surpns' ing fact: 45 rpm
record sales have increased.
The only conceivable reason
for this is that albums are not
being turned out as fast as
they used to be and when
they do finally hit the stores,
songs are lacking from them.
This last point is not usually
the case, although many
people have been disappointed
because Procol Hamm's
“Homburg” is not included on
their one and only LP and
because “Pictures of Lily” is
not on the Who’s latest

But the Who never seem to
know what they're going to do
anyway. “The Who Sell Out,”
their most recent but certain-
ly not their best effort, was
originally going to be called
“The Who’s Greatest Flops,”
and was going to include all
their songs that fired in Eng-
land two and tree years ago
but never made it across the
Atlantic. They wanted to let
American fans know what
they were doing in the early
days, but it looks like they
never will.

“Happy Jack” is a much
better album than this new
one, but like “Happy Jack,"
it will keep the copycats busy
for the next few years. In be-
tween every song on the first
side is a different little ditty
which has been taken from a
London radio station. Little
quips like “more music, more
music, more music” and “It’s
smooth sailing with radio
London” take up the boring 4
seconds of silence that comes
between songs on albums.

As for the songs them-
selves, they take a great deal
of listening to before one can
say he likes them. “I Can See
for Miles” is the only familiar
song on the album; the rest
are new. Nothing is really

The saving grace of the LP
is the jacket. Brilliantly con-
ceived, it does not tell what
songs are on the album. You
haVe to buy it to find out, and
the designers have made sure
to arouse people’s curiosity
sufficiently enough to make
them look twice. On the front
cover is a huge picture of
bare-torsoed Pete Townshend
shoving a gigantic container
of “Odorono” deodorant into
his armpit with a caption say-
ing “. . . wiping out the stale
smell of excess with the sweet
smell of success.” Lead sing-
er Roger Dalty is also pic-
tured on the front cover, im-

Sergeant Pepper

a friends have matched hack into towa again. The Beatles have come up

with a doubleheader -- HELLO. GOODBYE ant! I new LP which is a snesh.too. This single
was done while the hm were hpsy filming their television movie. “Magical Mystery Tour".
Both the single and .LP pomt up the difference between USA lid on the eontinent.the
soundtracl; from the movie was released on a pair of 7-inch.45 RPM EP (extended play) re-
cords. which are much more popular in Europe and cheaper than LP’s. In this country. the
somdtrack on the LP is backed up and filled out with a number of songs previously released

as singles. including HELLO, GOODBYE. Today's song. which zoomed q) the charts in no
time. was written by Lennon and MacCartney. It has the same sort of uetty. repetitious lyric
that ALF, YOU NEED IS LOVE has. and a soft rock heat. Definitely a well-deserved winner.

Do you have a favorite: Send your requests to the Entertainmeu ‘ ‘
We’ll publish the most popular ones. Ed” d this newspaper. —

Words and Music by JOHN LENNON aid PAUL McCartney

G7 1"

YO?! say
say no

. 9"


m youuygood-bye endlewhel-io

1" Ab
why yon on! Rood-bn

MCoda) CFC


Tempo - Moderate
Key of C

c 67
Ieayno Yammdluyn ea In

lllIUnyheI-b blob hel-lo

c AWE!!! F
blot. hel-b blob

811mm no

W '5! W

Hel-lo bi-lo

nel-lo 50-h boll heHo-I



19‘s? 1
{w to so so

tinit'stinn to 00 d!

flmm ind
Yonsayutop and

‘ hel-b hel-lo mm

(first only) BeHo [ood-bye hel-lo [ood-byo
m7 sir: 1'

I don't kn
Bel olo goodoh

hel- l he! - lo
he! - )o' good-hye 12140 33064139

:33 m whydomm eood-bye

mmtdon'thowwhymmeood-bw lmhsl-lo

30 till fade)

copyrisht 1967 by Northern Songs.ud. .71-75 New Oxford St..
London .I. C. 1. England. All tight: for the U.S.A. .its
territories and possessions ,Cuade. Iexico and the Phillippines
controlled by Inclen lnsic .Inc. .c/o laltet Hofer.221 Iest 57th
St. ,New York. NJ. 10019. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
©1967 Spades Synd. .inc. All Rights Reserved.

mersed in a vat of cold look-
ing baked beans. 0n the back
of the jacket, drummer Keith
Moon is also shown bare
chested, but instead of apply-
ing deodorant, Moon is squirt-
ing goop on his face out of a
tremendous tube of pimple
medicine called “Medac.”

Pictured next to Moon is has-

sist John Entwhistle, who is
dressed in a leopard skin
tunic with his arm around the

shoulder of a fat, bikinied

girl, in a mock Charles Atlas

have finally gotten back i
the swing of things with tl
new album, “Everyth

T h e b a c k-dated “:
O’clock” is included, as
their latest half—hit, “She
Still a Mystery.” Their 11
est release, “Money”, is a
in the lineup. The whole ti
is very baroque and v
good. Leader John Sebasi
has come up with an array

'knnli‘:‘li‘ “A..- .A.‘- ‘L-

Poster companies are con-
sidering making reproduc-
tions of these pictures. and no
doubt they would look much
better three feet tall than a
mere eight inches.

After many months of being
stagnant, the Lovin’ Spoonful