October 25, 2020

1968-04-29 – The Capital

1968 04 29 The_Capital_Mon__Apr_29__1968_

EiCOnstitutiOn' Hall ‘ i
‘ SceneI Of Music Hiti

- By ROGER CLAY éhe seemed to be out of place;
:' _ iwith the others who were;
E Recently ‘The Who” smashedf generally as .quiet and reserveol
on the stage of Washington’ 5 i as their music. . . {
iConstitution Hall. . 1
i * After a brief intermission,
”Assisting them that night were [where everybody checked out!
The Beacon Street Union, ” every one else’ 5 costumes The
Orpheus” ‘and ‘The Troggs ” Troggs appeared on siage.’1‘hey
who united their talents into gave a good Stage show and
ione o! the most exciting shows produced their hard reek sound
ievery my pleasure to attend made famous by their hit single
of a couple of summers back
The show started with The ‘ 11d Thing. " In short they
Union (a Bogton group) a very were great '
talented and professional group
ithat did mostly tough hard-hit~
[ting meterial Their songs were
1 perféction and helped to display
{the unity of the group.

With anticipation the crowd
awaited the appearance of The
Who." But before they were

allowed on the D..J master of
ceremonies announced: , .

{ Next came theother Bostnni .
group. Orpheus who providedi ‘Tonightu President Johnson
a pleasing contrast to the heavy! ” followed by a three-minute
$011113 of The Unit!“ Their songsiboo ‘ ,--.“announced he would not

were quiet and vocally perfect. 1 he a mdidate for Presideht'
They were also an interesting in the next election." The
group to watch, with most of longest and loudest cheer I have
the action being provided by .

their drummer Harry At times . {Continued on Page 15)