October 22, 2020

1969-05-31 – Honolulu Star Bulletin

1969 05 31 Honolulu_Star_Bulletin_Sat__May_31__1969_

and an unknown

By Dave Donnelly

A trio of interesting albums this week — two of which
will be instant gold records and one a questionmark.

“This.is Tom Jones” (Parrot 71028) may be the biggest
selling record in Hawaii this year, coming as it does on
the heels of T.J.’s Ilikai cabaret concerts. It's a sure

-9 thing where sales are con-

; cerned and buyers won’t be
disappointed. Jones includes
many of the songs from his

_ TV show and stage appear-

. ances: “Little Green Ap-

; ples,”. “Wichta Lineman,” ,.
“Dock of the Bay” and L_________/
“Hey Jude,” to name a few.

His easy assurance and soulful stylings knock the ladies

I out particularly. but appeal to music lovers of both sexes.
f “Feliciano 10 to 23” (RCA 4185) is the other sure win-

ner. Starting off the album is “Amor Jibaro,” recorded

when Jose was just 10-years-old. Even at that tender age,

the beginnings of his now patented style were evident.
1 The rest of the songs were recorded by Jose this year at
1 age 23. Included are “The Windmills of Your Mind,” “By
t the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “Little Red Rooster” and a
a number of Beatle tunes which Jose does so well.

“Tommy” (Decca 7205) by the Who is the question-

1 mark. It’s the most ambitious record since “Sgt. Pepper
1 and while it has much to recommend it, it doesn’t come
1 off as well. What “Timmy” is, quite simply, is a rock
. opera. It was composed by the Who’s leader, Pete Town-
1 shend with the exception of four numbers written by

-- John Entwistte, Keith.Moon and Sonny Boy Williamson.

Y The opera — and that’s what it is —- consists of 24 inter-
: related songs that trace the life of a “deaf, dumb and
1 blind kid” from birth to a kind of re-birth when he goes

% “to camp” and becomes aware.

The Who’s latest single. “Pine Ball Wizard,” is taken
from the opera and included in the two-record, limited
edition set. Fortunately, all the lyrics are included in a

3 handsome illustrated brochure that comes with the a1-
0 bum. We feel that “Tommy” is an important album that
t will help to propel rock music into new territory. If
3 you’ve got an hour or so to spare, sit down and give it a
listen. This is one direction rock music may be heading
y and it’s a direction that requires attention. “Tommy” is
not background music. It’s an entertainment that de-

mands total involvement.

2 It will be interesting to see how the record buying pub-
; he will greet ‘.”Tommy