October 24, 2020

1970-05-24 – The Baltimore Sun

1970 05 24 The_Baltimore_Sun_Sun__May_24__1970_

Sound: Good ‘

The “Who

During the past {W 3951‘!»

many groupg have recorded
themselves 1n concert, but

there was nearty always‘ a

missing element.

The Who have added that

misplaced ingredient to their
P new album, “The Who Live at
. ' Leeds.”
conveys the
of attending
a JWho pen-
The grow
again scores
heavily with
' ‘ such selec-
tions as “My

and a pulsating revival of
“Magic Bus," but they dgm’t
come close to “Summertime

Biues.“ ‘

The Baltimore office of Dec-
ca Records has been swamped
with c3115 askfing the WW.) to
release “Summertime Blues"

as their next 45.

_.__ _. A.- “n



In Concert 3 BOSS


questien about ibis rocker? (391mm JOE'S “FiSh Cheer}

it’s a hit!

BATTLES (Appha) “Let It
Be.” While this LP is good. it

can’t come close to Paul Mc~

Cartneys solo package or for
ihai matter Ringo‘s “Senti‘

1c mental Journey? Three of the

group’s single releases are in-

ciudeé on “Let It Be.” In ad’

‘ dition to the title tune and the
boy‘s new single, this LP
doesn't contain {an much ta
rave about,

WOODSTOCK (Cotillion)
“Soundtrack from Wood-
stock.” This is the first three-
LP release that Ican remem.
her, but if you have $14.95 to
spend, you’ll remember it,
100! Featured on each of the
discs are Country Joe and the
Fish; Joe Cocker; Crosby,
Stills and Nash; Jimi Hen-
drix; and Sly and the Famity
Stone. If you asked me to pick
one cut that completely blew

which goes "MeelJike-I’mcfix-
ing-to dic”.” Don’t try to re.-
qnest this sang Smm 5w: $a-
vorite radio station because
the words are of the uncouth
variety . Other standout tunes
are Sly’s medley of “Dance to
the Music," ‘-‘Music Lover”
and “I Want to Take. You
Hisher." If you’ve got the
bread, this LP has got the
so mdsnand how!

{United Artists) “Greatest
Hits.” The artist that made
“Honey" :1 winner collects all
of his biggies on this platter
and sends them to you 591‘
your approval. Who could put
down “I’m a Drifter,” “The
Siraight L358" or f‘With ?en in
Hand?” Goldsboro has the gift
{or commercializing country
tunes in: Top 4% radio audi‘
cnces. Only a few artists such
as Glen Campbell and Johnny

‘ my mind it. would have. to be Cashhave it.