October 21, 2020

1971-04-01 – The Daily Chronicle

1971 04 01 The_Daily_Chronicle_Thu__Apr_1__1971_

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On Art . . . .

Charles Neumanng Centralia
has a aneman art show hanghg
this month at the Roy Gorey
Insurance Agency, Centralia A
reception is planned April 7 at
the agency by his family m:
MM is invited to attend and
view his oil and watercolor
Eandscapes. ' .

Five hmdred years atlea- his
birth, Abrecht Durat- is
remembered as a great artist,
a master of the techniques of
woodcuts eidfings. engravings
agenlpkainflngw But be ims also
eang and mathmadcs.
Like his friend leonardo da
Vinci and other Renaissame
figures. D‘Jl'el‘ andde‘igned war
implemetxsand planned {or-
The Pac fic Science Center
.has joined with the Federal
Republic of German and R.
Muller-Hom, consui, present
this exhibition commemorating
the 500th annjxersery o! the

birth of Albrecht bum. .

“Albrecht Dune:- and His
.I'l‘imes” will be on d‘splay on
the Eames ‘I‘healer Balcony,
Pacific Science Center Seattle,
'April 114.

Signed for the leading r0125
in Seattle Opera’s upcoming
presentation of the Who's rock
iopera “’I‘omm)” are Stese

Curry of the angina} Bwadwax
"‘Hair" *1: the title note and

Bette Mid‘er as the mm and
; the arid queen. Opening April
;.23 [or a three-week run at
Eiseawe‘s Moore Theatre the
3 rock opera is being presented a
i “€113 the couperationo! the
Statue Repertory Theatre and a
KOL tadio.31usic will be by
Seattle rock band Cannon Ban- ‘
The production mm be con.
ducted by Norman Durkee,
directed by Richard Pearlman
and designed by Ronald Chase.‘

rs‘I-O.'r . '