October 24, 2020

1971-04-22 – The Daily Chronicle

1971 04 22 The_Daily_Chronicle_Thu__Apr_22__1971_

Gord-J-n- Llfl'ltfwt appears
May 16 [n the Seattle Opera
House. Lightloot, whose current
hit Li “H You Could Read MY
Mind." will present the entire

'eveulng'a show with his. own
group. .-

‘Ibc composer 0! “Early -
Mornin' Rain." "Soiuy." “For
Livin’ Me," and "Bitmr Green"
is a.guilaJ'i-SI who plays both
six-string and u-sUing in-

Joining New York performers
Bette Lindler and Steve Curry
8: the leads in Same Opera‘s '
rock opera “Tommy" are Tedda
Bracci Chesley _Uxbridge, Pat-
rick Culliton Mel Austen,
George Ramos and Gary Mas-

Opening April 23 {Or a me
week run in the Moon Theater.
Seattle, the Who's rock opera
is direcled - 'by Richard