October 27, 2020

1972-01-02 – The Los Angeles Times

1972 01 02 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Jan_2__1972_

Who Nominafion

As the time draws near for Robert Hilburn's
annual Album of the Year Awards, I would
like to voice my selection: "Who's Next.“
”Who‘s Next“ is an album the listener does
not have to "try" to like. He may just sit
back and enjoy pure rock and roll. And as
' Hilburn noted in his review of the album, the
Who does not attempt to gear their music to all
pop music circles. The Who aims only at me,
the rock fan. Another strong argument is to
give Pete Townshend the recognition he de-
serves but has never received. Despite his bri1~
liant, revolutionary rock opera, "Tommy‘
Townshend is rareiy mentioned with other
great pop music songwriters. A vote for “Vho's
Next" for Album of the Year would perhaps be-
gin to give his name more attention in this