October 20, 2020

1972-01-23 – Asbury Park Press

1972 01 23 Asbury_Park_Press_Sun__Jan_23__1972_

The Who’s “Who’s Next” (Decca DL-
79182) -- Another major contender for al-
Imm-of-the-yenr honors, the latest achieve-

ment tn a remarkable strtng of exciting
works from one of rock's best groups. He-
stdes the by-now-expeeted power or Roser
Daltre ’3 vocals. the majestic splendor of
The 0’s instrumentation and the sec - of
Peter Townshend'a lyrics. The Who a da 3
nyntheatzer for added Impact In what may
well be the group's finest eibum.

. -- Robert lltlhum