October 20, 2020

1972-01-30 – The Los Angeles Times

1972 01 30 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Jan_30__1972_

Snuhhml again. For the third year in a row,
Robert IIi‘llmm has promised the Who excel-
Ivnt Chances for album of the year to lose out
mwo again. Oh well, we W ho freaks are used to
it. 151 vvr since "Tommy,” the Who has been su I"
rounded by relative anonymity (Hilburn
SIN-Ilorl Pete annshcnd’s name wrong). Some-
dw, though, Pm sure the group's name will
vhwngo fmm "Tho Vho?" to "The Who!”


Nilfmr'n rcph‘vs: "H'Im albums have bean
’* "'1’: 072 'Nm Timm' 72‘s! of (op 10 recordings for
Him? years in a 1mm. Forlunately. the first two
Ia'sfs'appmnmf without Hm lypographical error
Hm! .epnifml Hm Spelling of Townslmnd‘s name."