October 31, 2020

1972-02-24 – The Los Angeles Times

1972 02 24 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Thu__Feb_24__1972_


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except for the sensible as-
signment of most indivi-
dual characters‘ lines to
their own solo voic'es. Bu

he has appliqued on just

enough fancy brass fili-
gree to undercut the elec-
tric rock impact the music
demands. And his and his
band's performance Tues-
day simply lacked the im-
’ petus and e x c i tement
the Who brings to
this score. It had its perio-

dic charms, but it wasn't I


Of the cast, Bert Woods)
sinuous Hawker, N 1colas

you saw at USC,'then you
might make the effort. to
look in on the Aquarius‘
show, currently booked
through March 26.

“Tommy" is more than
just simply music; it can
work on stage. But if the
truth be admitted, there is
more true theater in Ro-
ger Daltrey's legerdemain
with a micmphone and
Pete Townshend’s de-
mented careening about in
concert than in two hours
at the Aquarius.