October 22, 2020

1973-01-20 – The Terre Haute Star

1973 01 20 The_Terre_Haute_Star_Sat__Jan_20__1973_


New ‘Tommy’ Mixes ‘ Points, Tilts

Entertainment Editor
Tummy. 'l‘he London Sym-
yt’mny IOI'Cht‘Sl‘Nl and Chambre
Cimir with Guest Suluists (Ode

SI' 99001).

This ’I‘omlmy wccemls. inr the‘

must part. especially if you
don't tll‘t'd something to surpass
|th Who Tommy.

Merry Clayton breaks through
us the host of the new "solo ar-
”MS" on "The Acid Queen."
Ringo Starr supplies a lecherous
Uncle Ernie. Maggie Bell as the
mother prwcs she is the quality
of Stone thc Crows

Rod Stewairt's "Pin 3 a l l
Wizard” and Richie Havens'
"Eyesight to the Blind" arre
hnLh competent. Richard Harris
us the doctor is awful.

Sandy Denny and Steve Wim-
wmid seem wasted as the nurse
and father: if not wasted. lost in
the shuffle wild do for a descrip-

Pete Townshend, especially
Roger Dailtrey and John Entwis;
tle hold their own.

What would be nice is a setup,
with Clayton, Ringo. B e i I .
Stewart and Havens in combina-
(ion with the power of the Who
and the wmphon‘y and chair on
a tighter ieaish.

The Divine Miss M. Bette
Miikl‘ler (Atlantic SD 7238).

A lot or people mention Bette
Midllel' in the same breath as
Sha Na Na; whlidi is incurrcct
as can be seen (heard) in this,
her first album. _

She sings a lot of oldies but
guidies (“Chapel of Love" and
the radio single “Do You Want
in Dance"). but she makes the
songs uwiqueiy her nvwn even
whnn camping them up.

She Likes to be cute and funny.
she is. and there's nothing
wrong with Miat. Her singing oi"
"Superstar" is the best on the
album. If Atlantic needs a
i‘oihyw-up single. they should try
it. It's nothing Like The Car-

FIash Cadillac and the Cunli-

_r|_¢fn_i':ll Kids (Ephe—KE 31787).‘

Speaking of Sha Na Na. Flash
and the Kids may ur may not be
up to Sha Na Na‘s stage power.
but their recorded music cuts
them any day.

Fairned TOCkimfl'iogriSt Annette
Funicciin suppllns exlcnvive anti
himly-i'esearchcd liner notes.

Cuniosslons or a Male Chnu-
vinist Pig. Artie Kanplan (Hopi
V115 9m).

Kupian has the usua-i writer's
voice: not very good, but he
writes interesting lyrics‘ Fear
not. he‘s on the stlde or women.
ailhough you have to listen to
the words. not just the titles.

The aihwm reminds me a!
some of the Kinks' slurf.‘]n fact.
what K-apian may haw: here is
an American "Arthur."

Fly Walker Airlines. T-Bone
Walker Blues Band (Polydor)
PD 5521).

All a record company needs to
know nowadays is that someone
plays blues and mp1“), that per—
son is a record and we'll even
begin digging up the mmfldiest
785 to rediscover "the legeni
dary blues artist Lawrence
Welkus who used to sing the
blues when he was growing up
in the poverty of . . .

Well. ’l‘-Bone Walker is one 0!
bh'em. This dis a contemporary
recording (June 1972) and it
surpasses almnat any of that
mouidy stuff being reissued

The set is lively with power
and infectious humor. "They
Call It Stormy M o n d a y -
Reconsider" am! "Why Am I
Treated So Bad" Me standouts
on am ouihsltand-ing album.

You can keep the old con
verted 1‘85 with their scratches
and prehistoric r e c o r d i n g
techniques. “18 rea-l stuII can
still be found today.

Wlnwoud (United Artists

Now this is a good reissue of
a re i=5ue. UA puiiod this one
out of circulation after Stevie
Wimvuod complained it way
packaged as ii he were the only'
one in Traffic.

Sides twn and three are the
biggies here: that's 'i‘ramc.
Chock nut "Pmncr S u n . ' '
“Cniured Rain" and "Dear Mr.
Fantasy." '

What you get i: Thamc'si
greatest hits plus some other
things Winwood did (i. e., Spcn~
cer Davie Grotrp. Blind Faith).
Not bad.

More Hot Rocks (Big "Its 8:
Filled Cookies), Rolling Stones
(erdbn 2P5 62611).

More re~issuets with eight
songs that have never been
reloased in this country on an
album or on a single. The best
of these is Muddy Waters' "1'
Can't Be SabisFied."-'I‘~he others
are basically interesting {mm a
historical viewpoint. 5

This is the earliest Stones (ail
cuts are with Brian Jones).
Anyone who came to the Stones
late should have it. Other per
sons are advised to check the ti- ‘
ties first to see if they want it.
because they may not need it.

The Age of Television (War- .
ner Bros. BS 2670). ‘

.This is a passable novelty
record. It's ’l'V compressed into ‘
two .sides of; reeord album.

Now that leaves out a lot. but
what is left in is chosen with i
care. '

The Great Gildersieeve winds
in and out proclaiming how TV
wii'lil never work out.

Included are Fired Allen. the
great Ernie Kovacs, Groucho
Marx. “Ben Casey." Gene Au-
try. and many whers. Someone
should tell them that Bobby
Thompson hit his "Cpogan's
Bluff" home run in a playorF.
not a World Series, '