October 27, 2020
Article from the Daily Mirror on April 3, 1973

1973-04-03 – Daily-Mirror 0011-copy

1973 04 03_Daily Mirror_0011 copy

DAILY MIRROR, Tuesday. Aplil J, '97! PAGI 11

Show Business Extr.


ROGER: the voicé that grew up——rich.

NCE Roger Daltrey's life was so noisy he used to hit

his head against the wall for a bit of relief.
Then he jnined The Who pop group where the noise. though

land, was to his

Naw thn London
lad. who has been

beltmg out rock 'n'
roll songs with the
loudest band in the
land {or nigh on
mne years, has de-
clde It's time to tone

He has settled down In
3 huge Eliznbethnn
m n n o r surrounded by
thtrty~flve Acres or peace
Ind quIcHnd has made
himself an nlbum.

u is m: firs: solo efion
on record‘ most of which
was made In his ham.
It‘s warm 1nd dry m

The sheer enemy bum
up Lhrou h his rock 'n'
roll days as been honed
down Into something
finer. stronger nnd with
more depth.

Roger doesn't ins! own
his mouth and sing, m



plays his voice like a
glass vmlm. “Its crown
up," he sayx—a: thouah
he and his Ihroat have
separate hues.

The new album 15
called "Daltrey" with I
smgle taken from it.

called “(jn’lm It All
Away "

Roger. 28, is delighted
he sounds so dnfierem
from The Who. but he Ls
nut leahug the group.

"I don't want to Luke
awn! from the ‘00 I'm
trying to add to it," he
tells me.

Above. on the hwn.
th Mfr. Helthaz
bounces Rosxe on he
Rome 13 Ruger- six-
manth-old blue-eyed
dnrling_ .

He has named her not
I'Ler I flower but Alter
the second love of hu
hreia cup of Rosle Let.

The only sound to be
head .1 the pop star's
country retreat is the
sound of R081: gurgling.

Now that Roger Dfllrey
hls grown up And grown
nch be u determined he
will never lulu hnve to
bash hLl he‘d snlnst
the wllL