October 21, 2020

1973-04-29 – Florida Today

1973 04 29 Florida_Today_Sun__Apr_29__1973_

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Peter Towmheud wrote it, hie group The W ho recorded it and the quartet have come
through with another great hit. At the moment the map is on a big European tour and they’ve
also been taking time out to record a batch of L s and single: in the London studios. The

uartet has a new album which will be out by the end of the year and in addition both Peter
ownehend, the great lead guitarist and composer. and John Entwhietle. the bass player. have
solo records due for release. The Who have too many commitments abroad to visit the U.S. this
year but plan: are being worked out now for a major tour next summer. We can all go see the
group then and ofcourse watch Pete smash up his guitar. He still does it. but only occasionally.

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SUNDAY, APRIL 2!, 1073