October 21, 2020

1974-01-16 – The Honolulu Advertiser

1974 01 16 The_Honolulu_Advertiser_Wed__Jan_16__1974_

Who does it

“Quadrophenia” (Track
MCA2 10004), by The Who,
is remarkable in depth and
scope, another landmark
entry from Pete Town-
shend. who composed this
score in entirety.

Like the rock-opera
“Tommy,” “Quadro-
phenia” is a self-contained

story, with a thread of l
musical brilliance |

throughout. It is life’s ‘
hopes and dreams, happi- .
nesses and sorrows, trials I
and tribulations, set to a l
gently coaxing rock mode.
Lavishly anddi'amati- I
cally illustrated via a sou- I
venir portfolio, “Quad- I
rophenia” is memorably
performed by The Who. I
It’s prolific, precise, and I
very precious. ‘ 4