October 19, 2020

1974-04-20 – Democrat and Chronicle

1974 04 20 Democrat_and_Chronicle_Sat__Apr_20__1974_

Slim crowd sees Ringo Sfarr

Thousands were expected, but
only about 100 persons turned
out at Atlanta’s airport yes-
terday to catch a glimpse of
former Beatles drummer
Ringo Starr.

Starr and rock artist-film
producer Harry Nilsson are
here for an advance showing
of their rock horror film,

“Son of Dracula.”

In the move, Starr, 34, por-
trays Merlin the Magician
and Nilsson plays Count

Down, a humourous takeoff
on Dracula.

A two—hour rock show and
dance was scheduled before
the midnight showing of the
movie, which both Starr and
N ilsson were to attend.