October 22, 2020

1974-05-19 – Chicago Tribune

1974 05 19 Chicago_Tribune_Sun__May_19__1974_

Between acts

Rocking along
with ‘Tommy’

Q.-Are Elton JOhn. Isaac Hayes. and Ann-Mar-
grct really going to star in the movie verSion of

the rock opera “Tommy”?—M. G.

A.-—Two out of the three will be turning up in the
film version of the Who’s rock opera, currently
being shot in London. Ann-Margret and Elton John
both have parts in the picture, along with Eric
Clapton, Tina Turner, Oliver Reed, and Paul Ni-
cholan. Lead singer Roger Daltrey of The Who will
have the title role, and drummer Keith Moon will
portray Tommy’s Uncle Ernie. Another member of
The Who, guitarist Pete Townshend, has written
additional songs for the score. And Jack Nicholson

forsakes acting for singing in it.