October 31, 2020

1975-01-04 – The Times

1975 01 04 The_Times_Sat__Jan_4__1975_

hlaria Mutdaur . . . top album V
In years running

Ramsey Lawn . . . funky piano.

Pete Townshmd-. . . the showman.

Jean Baa: . .

. a beautiful album I

74: Year of the RoCk Pros

The pop-roch music coming at us dur-
ing these economically and socially swirl.-
ing time: could he dmcterimd, md- not
entirely eemplimentartly, by two words:
very professional. .Gmerally.‘ calling an
entertainer "very profusion!” wulld
involve-no small amount of praise, but
1974, in terms of pop music, caused us-to
look at that word with new care.

There is no denying the current
impeccable professionalim of the Ratl-
ing smiles, for example: Their records
are excellently recorded, interestingly
packaged, and thetnusie melts. (ht stage
they really perform. Fans jump and
scream and shout when Jagger strut: and
sways across the stage. Always there is a
call for more Everything goes like clock-

Dyian;'Band comerts. They atarted on
time, played plenty of music. Just at the
right time people were allowed to rush

' _ the stage; just at the right time the

Paul McCartney . . . still plays a

solid bass.

audience 111 matches as a call.lar- an
encore. Ticket buyers were well enter—
tained. Dylan and the Band were quite
50011: was almost scary mat uungs
went so smoothly. no prdeeelhnally. We
left feeling satisfied but with no desire to
repeat the experience.

Then, a tew month: ago. something
happened that characterized the rock
music husinas tar 1974: the Grateful
Dead broke up San Franciscn' a last
standing “Love-era” hand split because
the band members felt themselves going

' through the same songs night after mnight,

drawing the same respunsestro m_Ie
audience atter another. They felt like a
rock and roll machine that once put into
motion could not 'stup. The Grateful
Dead, the best bongie hand a! them all,
crowded concert arena by being spoute-
neoes enough to adapt to: whatever muni-
eal need seemed appropriate found
themselves falling into tommlah It was a

' '74 it brough

-Peter J. Barsoeehi '

'rock and roll caravan that was
the fire without feedtfig it.

become too professional and they ' -_
As professionalism M the Deed m .L:

t on moremhsic Iihe'that1:

Loggia: and Measles ,mus'ic that ll. mi-

' hically clean and well balanced,

and enjtryable but met that will probably

'lead to the La: Vegas showroom. Not

that there is anything tnherentty m_ltihg',
about playing Las Vegas; many exeell'ait
entertainers play there; but mostly they-

_' are craftsmen, competent pefiornm
who have a talent and who give the audi- '

ence exactly what they want. But you
won 't find any magic in those showroom.- '

Just professionalism.

To be sure rock music needs more
technical competency, better run cui- -
certs higher quality production of "
albums more refining of sound. But ’74'.
brought this in an hmmint which oversha-
dowed the creative artists. ~

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