October 24, 2020

1975-02-23 – The Montgomery Advertiser

1975 02 23 The_Montgomery_Advertiser_Sun__Feb_23__1975_

“Hearse ‘

Robkin’ Entwhistle

Standing firm on basic
rock, rock that would have
.been sweet and pure and
right on target in the late
19505, is what John Entwistle
has done in his solo album
“Mad Dog” (MCA).

Entwistle is the bass play-
er for The Who. the member
who stood off to the side as
Pete Townshend and Roger
Daltrey stole the show.

Now Entwistle and a group
he calls his Ox is center stage
with a rowdy fistful of
thumping primitive and
classic rock and‘roll ar-
rangements supporting hu-
morous lyrics, perhaps a bit
heavy-handed, but in the
same vein as Buddy Holly
and the Crickets.

In “Cell Number 7" En-
twistle celebrates his days
with The Who, from the per-
spective of the jail cell he
repeatedly finds himself in.

“You Can Be So Mean” ex-
plores the current mangled
relationships between men
and women with a great deal
of humor. In fact, it is the hu-
mor that makes the world

Entwistle describes bear-
able and not a vision of hell.
The general focus of the al-
bum is upon the travails of

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