October 19, 2020

1975-02-26 – The Akron Beacon Journal

1975 02 26 The_Akron_Beacon_Journal_Wed__Feb_26__1975_

Bassist John Entwistle,
formerly with The Who and
now leader of the 0:: rock
group, brings the latter to
Akron Civic Theater for an 8
pm. concert next Wednes-
day, March 5.

The 0): is on its premiere
American tour, following re-
lease of the group’s first a1-
bum, “Mad Dog." Other
rhembers of the Ox are Rob-
ert Johnson, guitar; Graham
Deakin, drums; Mike Dea-
con, keyboards . . .

quent visitor at the N orton
Brown Derby, brings his pro.

greasive jazz sound back to
the Cleveland-Massillon rd.

:supp'er club for a one-night
concert on Monday.
Reservations for the Ken-

ton concert can be made by
calling 825-9947.