October 31, 2020

1975-02-28 – The Los Angeles Times

1975 02 28 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Fri__Feb_28__1975_

; 5 TM chemistry of the situation involves much that- is. in-
‘ hie; and unpredictable, but when the J. Geils Band

tiny establishes its connection. with its audience.’
' , erg: not an instant of doubt. The quintet returned to
at: forth Wiedmday at the Long Beach Arena (atoning

' r a Idisa'ppointing appearance at the Forum last suns- .-

erL; [proving that boogie can be entertainmg and that '
" lag rock doesn't have to be a mass or leaden cliches. 1;

’ group's nmSic is an insistent. harmheringassa asswlt.‘
ding laggely en the superb precision and strength of

ythm section. Yet for all its power”, it retains a .

-mmg clarity (much of it due to Seth Justinan's key-‘
work) and a remarkable degree of taste and control .

3t eVery le vet. .
‘i ‘ ' Like Poetry

‘ Tlt's clean, with a sheen (as singer Peter Welf, whose
lrhyming raps sometims sounded like the street/rock me:

try of Pat -' Siitt’h might say), but avoids sterility; it's reso-
-~. fihut with a touch of the flashy and the fash-

me hind's athletics are often silly but always energiz-

* igand while many of its songs show a good original
the lihk with influences like James Brown and Otis {-

Bedding 13 refreshingly apparent.

; 5‘1!» . A " '_ DryandSober

= . ' ' g the J Geils Band was John Entwistle's Ox.
i'l‘he Who's bassiSt has carved out a distinctive musical
neesonality, but his Short set didn't really give him a
‘ehance to communicate it. The performance was some-
4 What dry and sober, indicating that Entwistle is likely to
female at special taste for the limited audience that can”
ydppremte his esoteric morbid (and often quite captivat-~

ging) excursions.
Joe Vitale's Madmen opened the show.