December 5, 2020

1975-03-01 – Independent Press Telegram

1975 03 01 Independent_Press_Telegram_Sat__Mar_1__1975_

i No gimmicks to

hinder J . Geils

Staff Writer

At a time when rock
and roll bands are relying
more on cheap gimmicks
than on the talent they
can muster up, the J.
Geils Band is a welcome

Wednesday night at the
Long Beach Arena there
'were no blankets of dry-
ice—induced tog wafting up
from the floor.

There were no flashing

No under-the—breath eat
scratches at the audience.

There was just a serious
approach to entertain-

The J Gefls hand is just
as attractive to the eye as
it is to the ear, but the
group doesn’t concentrate

on visuals at the expense '

of their music.
.. Playing a careful blend

of Chlcago blues and fast— .'
paced rock and roll, the ',

group launched into a
tight, high—powered set
led by lead vocalist Peter

The band's composi—
tions are original‘ and
each one is given carom]
consideration avoiding the
pitfall of, one song soundr
ing so much' like the nee
before that the only way
you can tell where one
stops and the other begins
is a pause while the musi-
cians tune up.

The band — which has ‘

been together for over six
years —— has that confi
dence and order that goes
with experience.

Magic Dick isn’t as versi-
tite as War's Lee Osckar.
he wasn’t wanting for
ideas Wednesday night.
Along withJ. Geils on gui-
tar, Seth Justman on key-
boards, Stephen Bladd on
drums and Denny Klein
on bass. he provides the
extra harmonics to make
the group coheslve.

' Selections from their
1 newest album “Night-
' mare" provided most of
I the ztp that brought an
audience, lulled into bore-
dom by Entwistle's 0x
(the second of a triple

bill). alive and demanding

Time hasn't seemed to
tire the J. Geils Band - it
anything, it’s given their
concert sound a certain

JOHN Entwistle’s 0x '-

lacked clartty and direc-

tion. Entwistle. formerly
of The Who, led his group
through a puddle of
muddy Who revivals.

Joe Vitalc and the Mad
Men [formerly Barnstorm
with Joe Walsh) pmvided

astrong opening for the

They’ve reorganized
since the Joe Walsh days.
but like most new groups
they try too hard to cram
every trick they know into
a set instead of putting a
fut! effort into one direc-

“Rockyr Mountain Way"
provided a welcome en-


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