October 23, 2020

1975-03-09 – The Los Angeles Times

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American tour. “Mad Dog," Entwistle's fourth 8010 al-
bum since 1969, was just released. The first three sold
_ only moderately, but because of the tour and his pro
. motional work. this one will probably fare much better
- The other members of the Who are also active in
. 8010 projects. Lead singer Roger Daltry is starring in
Ken Russell's film about the life of Franz Liszt Drum-
‘ m'er Keith Moons solo album, "I‘wo Sides of the Moon,"

' will be released this month. "Keith was supposed to or~
- ganize a tour,” Entwistle observed. "But nothing has
happened yet. We have to be back 1n England 1n April
to record. If he arranges anything at all, it‘ll be the
. shortest tour 111 history.“