October 23, 2020

1975-03-18 – The Philadelphia Inquirer

1975 03 18 The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Tue__Mar_18__1975_

Humble Pie Goes Out
With Pride In the Past


n'm'uul H ’II' a Ina v'r

Humble Pie‘s farewell C’ ncert at the
Spectrum on Saturday ev; ng was an
affair marked by both pleawznt nostal-
gia and mind-easing relief. The pretty-
much-standard rnck’n’roll fare offered
by the band could be looked at from two
distinctly different points '2' view.

On one hand, the perinrmancc nf the
pioneering British rock band could be
praised fur its honest and straightfor-
ward presentation nf simple, guitar
based mck‘n‘rnll. Ixiader Steve Mar-
riott paced the fnur-picce unit through
a tight set of Humble Pie classics,
such as, “Stone Cold Fever," “Rolling
Stone," and “I Don't Need No Doctor.”
Gutsy, full-bodied lead vocals by Mar~
rintt backed by tight harmonies by bass-
ist Greg Ridley and guitarist Dave
(‘lempsom along with good all around

Bicen at Kennedy
Opens on Easter

A Rn :(‘tn tml P7033

WASHINGTON .. The Kennedy Ccn~
ter announced it will open its Bicen-
tennial celebration on Easter with a
week-long festival of American music
at the start of the capital’s tourist

Highlight of the 35 events, which

will be performed on some days from
10:30 A. M. until 8:30 P. M., will be

a concert of Aaron Copland's music,
with Copland conducting musicians
from the National Symphony Orchestra.

instrumental work, highlighted the
group’ s presentation. Spirit and cama-
raderie ran high as Marriott and crew
tried to give the audience their money’s

On the other band however, the
group’s approach and execution has not
evolved or progressed since they first
nlayed Philadelphia at the Electric Fac-
tory in 1970.

in fact, their Saturday night set in-
cluded material almost exclusively
from their vintage 1970 and 1971 al-
bums, with only one tune from the post-
1971 period. Stale melodic and rhythmic
themes were very evident as their set
progressed. In addition, the now almost-
ludicmus drum solos and overlontz
guitar breaks were inserted only to
make the scene that much more bla-
tantly archaic.

Forttmately, the group's members
seem to have i'ealized that their partic-
ular medium is stale, and that it is time
to call it quits and independently pur-
sue new musical modes. in the over-
view. Humble Pie’s concert was a hap-
py affair evoking fond memories of the
past and hopes that future music pro-
duced by the group's members will let
Humble Pie rest in peace.

Preceding Humble Pie was the Who’s
bassist John Entwistle and his band Ox.
Still a member of the British Stiper-
group, Entwistle has struck out on his
own tour seemingly only to vent his
own musical frustrations and excesses.
While he is certainly an excellent bass
player and an adequate vocalist, Ent-
wistle’s attempt to lead a high-powered
rock band is meager.