October 23, 2020

1975-03-20 – Chicago Tribune

1975 03 20 Chicago_Tribune_Thu__Mar_20__1975_2

PREVIEWS CONTlNl'E 'I‘HRU Saturday at Ivanhoe tor
Donald Driver’s new comedy, “The Last Straw,” now that
the official opening has been postponed until Sunday. . . .
Steve Goodman has been signed t0 record an album for Dave
(leften’s lCher’s ex-boy friend] Asylum lalbel that’ll be out
in late summer. . . . Tina Turner. who plays the Acid Queen,
definitely will be on hand for Thursday’s sneak preview of
“Tommy” at the State—Lake Theater. And Zsa Zsa and Eva
Gabor, Stefanie Powers. Bobby the Bearded Lady, The Who's
John Entwistle. and possibly Ann-Margret [if her plane
arrives in time] will get together later at Annie’s for 3 Holly-
wood type glitter party complete with Bally Wizard pinball
machines. [No charge for playing the machines because
they’re illegal in Chicago]