October 24, 2020

1975-03-22 – The Indianapolis News

1975 03 22 The_Indianapolis_News_Sat__Mar_22__1975_

Ox Rock Rolls In Win Over Din

Since the Coliseum at the
State Fairgrounds is not noted
for its acustics, any band that
plays there is confronted with
an enormous problem.

John Entwistle, bassist on
leave from The Who, Joe

Walsh, and Bill Wilson had to
face up to this problem last
night. Only Entwistle’s Ox
were able to meet the prob-
lem head—on and emerge a

Ox’s hour-lon'g set consisted
of intensive, hard—rock jam-
ming. The set included some
of Entwistle’s songs The Who
have .played such as “Whis-
key Man” and “My Life.”

Otherwise, the set was com-
posed of songs from the new
Ox album, “Mad Dog” on
Track MCA Label.

Ox is composed of Robert plodded much of the time be-
Johnson on lead guitar, Gra- cause the rhythm section since Michael Murphy didn’t
ham Deakin on drums, Mike couldn’t “get it together.” After

Deacon on keyboards and En-
twistle, of course, on bass. A

sax player aiso performed but

his music was inaudible over
the rest of the band.

The poor acoustics played
with the sound, and lyrics
were unintelligible as was
most of the stage chatter

This gave problems to Joe
Walsh because he relies heav-
ily on special effects on his
guitar. Much of the effective-
ness of such devices was lost
in the enormous cavern. He
seemed: to be oblivious to this,

a while, the songs began to
sound alike.

It seemed as if “Joe Walsh’s
Greatest Hits Night” for he
played tunes from every part
of his career.

The reworked J ames Gang

material included “The Ashes,
the Rain and I,” “The Bomb-

er,” “Closet Queen and “Tend
My Garden.”

Of course, Walsh played
“Rocky Mountain Way” from
his “Smoker You Drink, The
Player You Get” album, but it
was overdone to the point of

however, and dragged on and boredom.


His band seemed un der-
rehearsed and the music

Bill Wilson opened the show

make it with acoustic guitar,

harmonica and a flautist. Un-

fortunately his guitar was not
loud enough, making it diffi-
cult to hear. He played a mere
25 minutes before leaving the

Ox was a surprising treat
but the 3,500 fans were there to
see Joe Walsh so Ox was
passed over cursorily. Walsh
had the magnetism for the
fans, and his show pleased
them enough so they excused
his excesses.

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