October 27, 2020

1975-03-24 – St Louis Post Dispatch

1975 03 24 St__Louis_Post_Dispatch_Mon__Mar_24__1975_

Two Rock Guitarists

In Concert At Kiel

0f the Post-Dispatch Staff

Joe Walsh and John En-
twistle appeared in concert at
Kiel Auditorium last night.
The crowd of 6500 was treated
to a show that ranged from
lackluster to OK.

Entwistle, who is the bass
guitarist for the British group
The Who, and is featured in
the motion picture “Tommy,”
which opens Wednesday,
played well. However, he was
suffering from underexposure

as a lead personality and
seemed to blame the audience
for not knowing that he is

St. Louis was the last city
in his current tour with his
group, Ox. From what he

said, the response elsewhere
was the same as it was here:
respectful but not overwhelm-

ing. He had something special
prepared for here, a rocking

version of “The St. Louis

Blues March.” When the
crowd sat on its hands, he
threw his guitar in the air and
let it crash to the floor.

Too bad; he sang some
pretty good songs with un-

usual lyrics, including one
called “Dance the Dangle,” a

. number that might be chore»

ography for the hangman.
Walsh’s first 30 minutes on
stage wasn’t dull exactly. but
if anyone was sleeping Walsh
wouldn’t have awakened him.
The guitarist brightened,
however, when he introduced
some new material that fea-
tured a stripper’s beat on the
bass drum as the rest of the

band dived into a good solid

Walsh’s most impressive
minutes occurred when he
was using a special mike and
made throaty noises in a duet

with his guitar. The number

developed into Southern Boo-
gie that gave the two men on

keyboard some time in the

Power Failures

In West End,

About 1800 St. Louis area
Union Electric Co. customers

experienced power outages
last night or earlv this mom-