October 28, 2020

1975-03-27 – Arizona Republic

1975 03 27 Arizona_Republic_Thu__Mar_27__1975_

17-8 The Arizona Republic Phoenix. Thurs”

,” (PG): star-
1 ring Ann-Margret,01ive1'
; Reed, Roger Daltrey, El-

3:591: John, Elic Clapton,
w hn Entwistle, Keith
2 Moon, Paul Nicholas. Jack
" Nicholson, Robert Powell,
Peter Townshend, Tina
Turner and The Who. At
_ 31m Cine Capri. (110 min-
i mites.)


' “i’ut it this way:

Ann-Margret is 110 Patrice
Munsel. And certainly not 3
Joan Sutherland.

Oliver Reed wouldnt scare

Robert Merrill oft the same

Tina Turner might draw
some shivers, though, from
Beverly Sills.

. ‘JJ -a».i.lp..t.a‘.h.s.i-x~. ~r;3¢liap

.‘.‘-.Tommy’ — the movie
ired by Pete Townshend
The Whos 1969 rock

2; opera album which earned
millions, a Gold Record and
was played as a Woodstock
highlight — won’t out much
hair with ‘The Barber of
Sevtlle" customers.


But neither is “'1‘0111111y"
offensive to “shock rock”
shunners as it uses the total

meept of the classical
opera of a nonspeaking,
wglng- only continuous

theme blending the counter
cultUre music form’s
philosophical concepts into
producing a different a1t
intm — the rockopcra.

rthimplificd, it means this
filmed version of the album
Egmed . . the greatest
"017‘ of art the 20th century
has produced” by offbeat

“M....o-..-—_-—~ -——. -


English diiectm Ken Russell

l‘he Boy Friend ’ ‘The
Devils." “Women In Love")
-— he’s obviously biased since
he helmed the screen edition

—-may find an audience among

curious establishment f 01k
always ready for a new

They may not -— neither
do I —- find it up to the
measure of Russell's rather
remarkable viewpoint how-

Firstly, some may well
find the special Quintraphon-
ic Sound theatrically install-
ed to produce the soundtrack
behind the filmgoer’s viewing
area —— much too loud for
their ears.

I thought it was not overly
loud, yet felt that the sound-
track mix was a bit off and

Secondly, not all the
“arias" work, though all are
given spectacular, kaleido-
scopic production values
under Russell’s shrewd and
resourceful direction.

The tale is about a boy
struck deaf. dUmb and blind
after witnessing his real fa-
ther’s accidental murder by
his stepfather. He grows Up
through exploitation a nd
abuse into a young man. a
miraculous recovery, delu-
sions of grandeur and a not -
too ~ clearly defined essence
of freedom.

Tina Turner steals the
movie as the animalistic Acid
Queen who gives the unfortu-
nate Tommy. effectively por-
trayed by The Who’s Roger
Daltrey. an important
“shot ” Ann- Ma1gret delight-

.-—-—._.—-—. - —_-

_ U... __


fully meets the daring chal-


Ienge of going {10m 20 to 40 i
as Tommy" 5 mother

“Tommy” may not be a

great commeicial suecess in
the Valley but its under- 30
viewers -—— and some older -—
will appreciate its subtleties
and more potently delivered


Three Great Comic Gems
“Bowery Boys"




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