October 22, 2020

1975-03-28 – Democrat and Chronicle

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Roget Daltry as ’Tommy’




Gannctt Movie Critic

“Tommy", which opens today at the
Panorama, is rated PG.

Ken Russell's film version of The
Who‘s rock opera “Tommy," is terrific.
fantastic, dazzzling, overwhelmingly
the best of the rock operas. and glittering
cinema as well For once. Russell's
brilliant. daring but erratic talents are
matched with the right property. lcan~
not think of another director doing a
better job with the material Russell’s
brashness has often given his previous
films a swift kick where it was needed
without particularly advancing the
theme, but here it is germane to the
entire concept Pete Townshend of The
Who originally wrote it, with additional
material by colleagues John Entwistle
and Keith Moon. the fourth member,
Roger Daltry. stars as Tommy

Tommy (Barry Winch) is 6 as the film
opens in 1951 His father was killed in the
war, and his grieving mother Ann~Mar-
gret has finally met a man she loves
again, a seedy social director at a holi-
day camp, Oliver Reed They marry.

But the first husband. Tommy‘s
father, is not dead as believed. merely
badly wounded, and one night he returns
home to find his wife in bed with Reed. In
the ensuing excitement. Reed kills him
and it is witnessed by the child.

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