October 27, 2020

1975-04-07 – Daily-Mirror

1975 04 07 Daily Mirror


pping aitches and picking up fame.

E in perhaps
the unlikoliut

film star of
than III.

A long, Iqulllne nose
domlnueu I Inc: um
I- fumed by In
explosion 0! mm
golden cum.

H|- voh‘ehfi I?‘ bromkily
Mm m- a
fig Guns". Donna Ian"
docuflm leuunl. “ '

H! b about In lllm-

m In I Hollywood.

mm. In the screen
thherd‘n Bush. lg:
mum. Imunrumlatm
Am In Wm London
when he m ‘10-

Yet R0 or mn ‘.
lonmmm Igcmbor o! '5;

hhnrch «I
muu- w¥lh 11.3%». ht:
"m"! “min: mu:

m lcund sum
In mu} lnl role

"Hin- M. me


"Tummy“ 1n dlmwr
Ken Russell} mm)»
Crflktwd hm mumm-
cLIlly “brunt mm 0! me
rock ovfl‘u. Dulxrm n
IKIm working mm
Russell. Grouping 'hh
:mdlu all mar (hr pmr!
n he kaneyxm me
Hungarian romxnurr
LII?! ln |K/ivnh

' Shmlh I do l
“I Ibout [In|- Ilh
"Ill.“ hr “L

Dunn" s x I -(1

'mm huh. I.- sun
:0 him. In uhIgmmIr
'VPD’OM. .
Md to he I.”

! nn'ef met people
ulkrd like EM!

m I M leII
"n u vol them"
"” elvema from
ljnr "qulk I [n
. Ho ianflu It the




'E5 355!


dried my m: up Ind
I couldn't. Im-
"Awwu. I VI: uh:
only on- In-Imn Ind n
M in Inc mm. the
m m {IHLM IpIrl.
"I w I. vklcnl II.“
It that I II”. kllled
loll. Mp.- [Ih I :-

nannhdnhm I
r”?! I. hold I: UK

In mun

"The! kicked Int out
Ind. well. I‘d do am:-
I'Mu to nuv mu: 1110

I0 1 Ion! back Ind

.lmnl! daughters in I
4 march! Susrex man-
sion A herd of b”!
eIttle (rues M» 35 Icm.

"I buugm I {arm
because I don: behave
1n ust ovmtnl land. 1
con dn'v. buy I block of
mu, either. Ilmough 1!.
would be I unnlble ln-
vulment I couldn't
Mk I won: out of
poo 1e ham“ to hu' I
ma over the r had

He . he hnn'l
chInged I out den:
lrom ma ch11 hood days

"Me old maul arc

mu my lnenda.

"I Ikn'l. forgotten what
1: in like u: b. Without
money Ind nu me
not um Imporhnl. In -

"1 they take trur
”Inn, .111 Iron nu. 1’5

(up an do n all IgahL
grim; won’t brat my