December 5, 2020

1975-04-10 – The Age

1975 04 10 The_Age_Thu__Apr_10__1975_

THE AGE, Thursday, April,

The big EJ. — bowler-hatted
and dressed in black —- was
back in town yesterday.

A small man with a gentle
manner. quiet voice and a 100
mph watch on his left wrist, he
slipped into the crowded 15th
floor suite at the Southern Cross
Hotel and proceeded to do inter-
view after interview.

Elton John, star voice on such»

top-selling records as Your Song
and Crocodlle Rock and now, the
Pinball Wizard in the film version
of the rock opera Tommy. had
arrived to attend the movie's Mel-

And in keeping with his status
as one of the decade's most suc.
cessful entertainers, his Press
conference flowed with cham-
pagne and unceasing chatter.

But unlike several artists who
have recently hit town, Elton re-
mained calm throughout the
ordeal . . . even when a reporter
asked him to describe "a typical
day" in his life.

Beneath the hot TV are lights
he politely conducted conversa-
tions with the city's usua‘t media
representation and — to round
out the picture 7— all the student

bourne premiere last night.



Bicycles may soon be given separate lanes
on Melbourne’s roads — and the right to
travel on footpaths in some areas.

The Minister for Youth,
Sport and Recreation (Mr.
Dixon) said yesterday he
hoped to have the traffic
regulations amended b
June to allow cyclists muc
greater freedom on the

These would include sep-
arate lanes from which cars
would be banned on some
roads and the right to
‘ travel along footpaths in
certain areas, he said.

Mr. Dixon was outlining
new moves by his depart-
ment to stimulate the
growth of cycling in Mel-
bourne in a lunchtime talk
to students at Melbourne

They also include:

A $15,000 grant to the
Centre for Environmental
Studies. at Melbourne
University, to carry out
a study on the demand
for and feasibility of a
network of bicycle paths
throughout metropolitan

Movesto have Albert Park.
and possibly the Yarra
Bend Park closed to
motor traffic on Sundays
to give cyclists the roads
within the parks to them-

A $150,000 grant for the
construction of the first
stage of the Yarra bike
track. which is planned to
eventually run from
Princes Bridge to War-

Grants of $1000 each_t_o
eight suburban mumcx-
palities to help construct
bike paths along creeks
and through parks Within
their areas.

Mr. Dixon said the Road

Safety and Traffic Authority
was studying proposals by

newspapers, too.


CYCIGS may i ‘

soon: _

various. aspects of the traffic
regulations dealing with bi-

It is understood that the
proposals — which include
opening up some footpaths
and separate lanes along
some roads — are likely to

be accepted and then
gazetted soon.

Mr. Dixon said the foot-
paths to be opened for cycl-
ing would be ones where
there was no undue danger
to cyclists from motorists
backing out of their homes,

or: from cyclists to pedes-

The roads to have separ-
ate bike lanes are likely to
be those not used as major

arterial roads by cars and

Mr. Dixon said the
Centre for Environmental
Studies was hoping to bring
out an American expert to
conduct the feasibility and
demand study on a pro-
posed bike paths network.

Mr. Dixon said he be-
lieved there has been “a
vicious circle of non-
apparent demand” for
cycling as a means of
transport, because sharing
the road with cars made it

dangerous and sometimes

"But you also have to
face the fact that most
people are dropouts where
any physical activity except
sex is involved,” Mr. Dixon
said. “They‘re just not in-

Govt services
must be cut,

10, 1975

The Big E.J. bowlers into town

“l'm in the film for less time
than anybody else — l was on
the set for three days.” he said.

The movie. written by Pete
'l‘ownshend. was produced by Ken
Russell and also features Roger
Daltrey, Tina Turner, Eric Clap-
ton and Jack Nicholson.

“My overall opinion of it
seems to change every time I see
it and I’ve seen it so many times
now I know it. reel by reel, frame
by frame," Elton said.

“I love Ann-Margret and Oli-
ver Reed in it. But for me, the
climax of the flint is when Roger
Daltrey jumps through the mirror
and sings I’m Free".


Glancing down at his much
flaunted $25,000 watch. he said
“It does work. you know. It
just goes at 100 miles an hour —
consequently. I get up at 4

Elton said he didn't think he
and lyricist Bernie Taupin would
attempt to write ,a rock opera in
the near future. despite the fact
that he had been involved with

“People have suggested it to
us, but it takes a lot of time," he


Elton John ponders a point at his Press conference yesterday.