October 27, 2020

1975-05-10 – Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

1975 05 10 Colorado_Springs_Gazette_Telegraph_Sat__May_10__1975_ 2

“Tommy” Rocks Into Town

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proves to be 110 different.
“Tommy" is staffed with an in-
triguing group of pop music's
stellar members.

Elton John. who collects gold
record plaques (for sales in
excess of one million records)
much the way housewives col-
lect green stamps. makes his
film debut as the Pinball Wiz-
ard. During the filming of the
Pinball Wizard sequence six

stagehands had to hoist Johng
onto a pair of three foot h1ghc'

- T'Ihe soul asset"

other 'fancifuIWfreak the Acid

' uneen in a musical number in

the picture some ohseners on
the set said could “st0p any


In addition to these musualfi
' stars members oI The Who apt
pear as themselves and 1nd11d , '

'VuaIIv'Ixeith M0011 plays
Tommy"~ lecherous

...—.... -_...__, _......,...-—._ ...—......

in, “Tommy”.
- 13 Tina Turner; who plays ”311-“


Ernie, while Paul Nicholas, of

Robert Stigwood’s Jesus Christ.
Superstar. plays a tormenting
Cousin Kevin. Rounding out the
cast of rock greats is Eric (713.1»
tion. who plays the preacher.

There are 30 separate songs
0 r 111 u s i c a 1 sequences in
“Tommy." Pete Townshend
composed all except two by
John Entwistle and one. by
Keith Moon (3“ three are mem
bers of The Who). Two new

”,isongs and 311 overture were
Written by Pete Taxmshend es

pecialfl'l) for the film as well as
"Evesight to the Blind” by

’ Sonnv Boy Williamson

The Whos fourth member.

Roger Daltrey makes his act-

ing debut in “T0111n1'.'Aceord
ing to DaItrex prior to hi4 s-ing

f _ ing as the title character hehadt
1n -.a

never performed e1 e11

* s'illonen'fiMA-M.

school play. Director Russeli

calls his performance “extraor-
dinary; he's 21 1111111111! talent."
So. perhaps Dultrey's 11111111;
bow may well be the most (-11-
citing film debut in many
years. For certain. the part he
plays and the entire story sur.
rounding the mic is most 11nu~11

“Tommy" revolves around :1
boy who is struck deaf dumb

Land blind after witnessinu the

murder of his Iather HlldHV
t h 0 film explores T11111111} s
inner universe his (IeSOIation
his plea for help 11sec me feel
me touch me.,hez1i me... 1, and
the pictures he paints of the
outer world on his esOIerie jour-
ney to a mirac’le cure. .

T0111mvf‘ Will be Shown at

“the UN: 70 begmnmg Wednes