October 20, 2020

1975-05-15 – Journal and Courier

1975 05 15 Journal_and_Courier_Thu__May_15__1975_

‘Tommy' insults 1
Who's loyalists ‘

By ROBERT sco'rr
sun Music Writer

' Tommy (soundtrack)
The Who and others
Polydor Records
This soundtrack album really hurts. As
a devoted Who fanatic, I am whimpering
inside. Maybe comparisons are unfair, but
Pete Townshend’s original album will al- q
ways hold a purist’s heart. ii

= Music

The original Who Tommy”- sold about
10 million copies. Polydor is counting on
this soundtrack for big hucks,’ also.

Leading the cast of characters is Roger
Daltrey as Tommy: The deaf, dumb and
blind kid. His singing is raw and natural
on this production. At times Daltrey fal-
ters, but his singing is still a cut above
the competition. Check out “I’m Free.”

Rock enigma Eric Clapton also ldoes a
commendable job with his guitar. “Sally
Simpson” comes off as funkified reggae
music. This rendition is an improvement
over The Who’s.

There is one cop-out on “Tommy” the
soundtrack. In the song, “We’re Not Gon-
na Take It,” a deliberate change of lyrics
takes place. In the original “Tommy,”
Daltrey sings: “Hey you smoking mother
nature, this is a bust.” 0n the soundtrack,
it comes out: “...you missed the bus.”
Jeez, the mindless fear of Middle Ameri-
ca strikes again.

Tina Turner and Elton John also con-
tribute decent vocal performances. Tina
is a bit screechy as the Acitl Queen, but a
seductive wickedness does penetrate all
the hype. Elton J ohn’s band was able to
pull itself together for the only singles
possibility on the album, “Pinball Wiz-
ard.” That song is getting played to death
on most radio stations, but it may be the
best rock song on the album.

No real rock and roll, here. Save the
money for your very own “Tommy” T-
shirt. At least it’s wash and wear.