October 28, 2020

1975-05-25 – The Tennessean

1975 05 25 The_Tennessean_Sun__May_25__1975_

MIXED UP—l was aston-
ished to see a photo of Marian
Anderson identified as Ella
Fitzgerald in last Sunday’s
Showcase. Although I’m sure
Ella Fitzgerald has some
fans. it is sheer lunacy to
compare a great artist like
Miss Anderson to a night club
singer. You should apolo-

—Anderson Fan

Who was that you said was '

Ella Fitzgerald? All of us who
love Ella couldn't believe it!

No insult (or comparison,
for that matter) was intended
to either of these talented ar-
tists. The picture used was
supplied by a heretofore in-
variably reliable New York
publicity agenc with a cap-
tion which rea : “Ella Fitz-
gerald takes a bow after her
taped performance with the
Boston Symphony orches-

We should have caught the
error, but we didn’t. In any
event, the sli up didn’t seem
to bother El a’s fans: ticket
sales were more than 2400
during the three days after the
article appeared and only 1561
in the entlre time tickets were
on sale before. Even counting
the normal last-minute buy-
ing spurt, that’s a pretty im-
pressive response.

A spokesperson for the local
promoters suggests that even
those people who were debat-
ing the picture must have
been reminded that Ella was
in fact coming and rushed out
to buy tickets.


Wrong faces, wrong place

“Tommy?” And also some
information on Roger Daltrey
who played Tommy.


Tommy’s stepfather is

layed by Oliver Reed and his

rue father by Robert

Roger Daltrey was born
March 1, 1945 and attended
school in West London. His
classmates there included
Pete Townshend and John
Entwistle. During their high
school years they formed a
group called the Detours, and
after several name changes
they settled on The Who as
their permanent billing, and
later added Keith Moon as the
group’s drummer. Daltrey
became the lead singer. He
has sung the part of Tommy

natural to cast him in the title

role of the film version.
Ill It! It!

very interested in John
Denver. Could you tell me
when he will be back in Nash-
ville for another concert?

I really like the message he
conveys about nature in his

Could you tell me where to
write to for tickets and the
price range of these tickets?


Denver last appeared in this
area in Murfreesboro, where
he was booked into Murphy
Center by Sound Sevent Pro-
ductions here in Nas ville.
Denver, who is said not to
enjoy a heavy touring sched-
ule, isn’t due to return any-

“TOMMY”-—Could you for the past five years in con-
please tell me who played the certs, on recordings and at
father in the movie musicfestivals,soitwasonly

time soon—that means withm
the next year or so.

Tickets for the Murfrees-

' boro appearance sold for $6

and $7, to give you some idea
I souuo savanw Paooucnons. INC. msems I 0‘ Pr ‘99 range-