October 24, 2020

1976-03-06 – Kingsport Times News

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8. The Who. "My Gcncraflon."
arlglnnl Issue. Deena Records. 1565.

Tin: Who practically invented the
art cl‘ literally tcarlng everything up,
While Pete Townshcnd vxcioualy im~
mled his gui: ‘ thruugh a $3,000

or; amplifier Keith Moon was con
[ml to stomp his drums in.

The sight and the Suuntl I&u-rcof
never failed to m'ukr- a gratilying
lrcnzy: that us. until 'l‘ht- Who im-
porlunalr-ly [118.) ad Royal Albert Hall
Al the behest of The Queen. Moon
late.- oxplalnad In Imlir-n Ihat Ills
sloshingtwa gnllans cl’ |2u1r0| ulzstagn
and mum: u ufim was {or
amusement putpcses only.

Her Majesty, however. tent n
different view of her mhhce's
charred remains. Arte: thué: release
from Hoal'uruw Prison, Tile ‘n'hn
went on to put out 14 fine albums.
with the latter efforts heavy on tho

spiriluahslic nslzecl :1! human
esenls Seminars huvu been cmr
Iluz-tI-d on that facl's possum-
corrulalinn lo the Who’s L-mly (lays,
but the topic remains moot.

“I E Wilt] sinus

9. The Ftamin' Groovles.
“Sneakers," Superman fincords.
1572. 520450.

Tcn state trouklura with meal
Iiuoks.:.01hu song 3005. are after the
Grum'ivs simply berause they‘re the
cream n! Boslon and Detrnil's film's!
11th-hour punks No tlzruwbacks.
those guys are m unwavering In
their aim to emulate the original
mastus In putting nut fn‘st-wavu
punk music that they dufirtl their
recording company 111 Issuing this
undnr-lhompnlo: bnullcz album
Nary .1 cent did they earn from it.
nur wlll they ever. despite the prices
it commanded slum: its hrs: t-ulcase.

The Grmvios' three other albums.
Inginmnlely roluusud through Kama

Sulm Records on the tall end or |In-
50'5‘ Incldcnlnlly arc ntxu bringing
Inp dollar. So much so, that Kama
Sulra heads have delgned lo 'capi-
Intiw on their former arlis1s‘ anor-
lhu-facl boom period by ru-rulcusing
lho first two LP's. "‘I‘ccnuuu Huatl“
:Im! "Flamingo." Liku ulhcr such rc-
imucs. the new pressmgs aren‘t
north u dime. ‘

Hul according to Irmlu puhh'ra-
tions. llw. Groovius arc comman-
tlcnrmg a strungcumcback through a
hulull Amsterdam, Holland mltfil,
SH) ting Records. 'l‘hejr Inlusl cx-
lundcd-play 45 on that label.
rccidivislicall ‘ called ' Sluw Death."
is hard to [in in nddiliun m rcqulr.
inp, hard money to pmz‘urc.

10.1112 Lords. "Shakln' All Over."
I'arlophonc Records. 1934. $20550.
_ The Lords, serving as their natlvo
Germany's collnlerpilzrll II) curly

British invasion m:
IL-ly prove lhe precn]
not know [he Engli
sing it.

Aficimmtlos who I:
aural canals care:
hntchcd-up strains ul
Eat lhis one up. ’l'll
sland. haw.- gut ”7,:
nnybonc." as wuil as
lhu s Iin honn.“ as
this a bum allrxls. ll
enough for a first on
always (hr: {ncl that
like everyone else i1
lung, gershielden. 0
their woman up an:
den lrew :0 door."

This Berlin born-
grcup waded theil
uighl entire allm
American rock 'n
benefit or knowing
ur the Iongue. Supra