December 5, 2020

1976-04-02 – The Argus

1976 04 02 The_Argus_Fri__Apr_2__1976_


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Frl'motu - Newark. Calil.
Friday. April 2. W76

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- "I Who an! 5!". Gibbon: Band n Wintzriand. 11'".- Who
mu the ram: cmtirg musical cunt to happen in the Hay
Arm "m qute a uhilc. “hm Ito Immune hit the stage the
rmtmm umlhereand tthho ptflorrmo in fmemtc.

Tht‘y um' nu‘lk'nt as they did a mmbmalion of old tunes
shad ncw um [rmt their latest LP "The “‘ha tty Numbcrs"

IA»: Saturday nigh} [murmur nus not as spmacuhr
or as lumber an in Mt uhm tht‘y pbttd CM: Audlllr
n'tm tn Sm Fntnrtxm. but trut uas a pcrfm gig me at the
tuplm: Nllhns u‘crhmuo

.vll Iht- mm». 1h(‘ “ha um to times bctlor than thnr LN
Imr nu mm at ltx- um lhlm- uhm drummer Kath Man
kmulhngtflhia stool , .

The hunt did lalllc talking and. mix“! .1 IO! 0! high thorny
ml!) at Int u! haul nrk tak‘nl and mu m tight as you wold
npnatcpmtrh hintlnbeattctMngtngdtn-r Hymn

Sum of lhr nurt-rnl IM- knucktd ml was "I Can’t Hr
plain." "Magic Bus." I few stlminns [rum the rock mm
mmmv." mm- l‘ot‘hnn‘s *stuxmnmc Mum.“ "My
(im-mt m“ard "Won‘t Gd Fooled Again,”

Thy nmud .1 tum 31mm ovation atltr lhc sd ended
tn the}- dul M m tuck tor an mm. which has very:
uuml nm‘ornna thn- tuvc Inn 66mg many 0! them in

Mum Izu mlmt on drums and n: a pmt‘fl‘nm: all
tight. Italy! mum‘ prom! again Ihr be Is me 0! Hr top

nrk mcaltsts in music today with a range that shined ou'r

[nltmr nus under the ut-nthcr with the flu and had a wry

tkstmnnr night .15 hr turt- up tnmhunntx-s slammm' down
a mke Sand and throw Ins micmptnnc acr'm Iht stage.
just nimztheheaddmrcltbdfin‘s mad cm:

tw-r Tnumhm dm m 60 a whole lol u! jumping anxmd

:13 mm) but musically he was muvptimal am: :11 limes It

thbnbh' tl'c most (l‘lshhm mcmhur 01 the band was
John Ertuistlc. He proud that he is not jm! another bassist
Mukulttx-l’xfi. '

111? «mm ut-rt- sold out. but the \110 played to a little
Irwr Sim talks nn Saturday and then the same on Sunday.
uhkh are by far tinsnullcxt muse: Iht-y have played

Tho Stem: (iihb-m Band Lpfl'l‘t‘l the show and petfonnr-u
Md! and proud they an: gang to be a band at the [mum -

. ThI-y won: a hint too loud at timts but this .lL'.- m:ntdmg

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