October 20, 2020

1976-04-18 – Florida Today

1976 04 18 Florida_Today_Sun__Apr_18__1976_


THE OVATION was into its seventh roaring
minute at Winterland Auditorium in San Fran-
cisco when it became obvious that the Who
would not be going back onstage.

They had done two blazing hours 01 unrelent-
ing rock and roll. and now they were sitting
around in a dumpy, narrow dressing room. uh~
popping cans of beer and visiting with friends.

The roar finally subsided at the 12-minute
mark. ending. as usual. with some ironic booing.
Standing in the wings. producer Bill Graham
said that lead singer Roger Daltrey was down
with the flu and that the Who "just aren’t into

Daltrey also wasn't into the Who's sound sys-
tem. He personally disabled the mikes by repeat-
edly throwing them into the air. and then jerking
them at stagehands when they gave out.

Drummer Keith Moon. whose own case of flu
had caused the cancellation of a show in Boston
weeks belore. was in obvious good health on-
stage. Offstage he was back in iife-of-the-party

When our reporter stepped into the dressing
room, tour manager Peter Rudge (who also
manages Lyuynl Skynyrd) grabbed his notebook
and pretended to read: "Keith Moon plays the
drums as if he wasn't there." Moon then
grabbed our guy and herded him toward the
shower room.

They both stayed dry. but Moon then went in-
to the room next door and created enough crash-
ing noise: to stop all dressing room conversa-

Band aides dashed toward the commotion.
worrying aloud. “Are the guitars all right?"

Moon stepped out of the room with a calm
smile. and the madies rushed in — to find only a
pair of tall Western boots perched on top 0! a
couch. ‘

With the tour over except lor makeup dates in
Boston and Denver. the Who an o" to the atudi-
ea in London for an album; Peta Terminal al-
ready has several songs under way. Then. in late
summer, they may returh'to the US. (or a large-
stadlum tour. . '

The Who: Roger Daitrey,

John Entwistle. Peter Townshend
and Keith Moon.

Gnee Slick and bassist Peter Sears came up
with Hot Water. Rhythm guitarist Paul Kantner
had a hand in St. Charles. 8 CaroiimHike opus.
And keyboard player David Frelberg. aided by
Gratelul Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. is respon-
sible for Nighthawk. a tune that drummer John
larbata calls "Frisco disco" — much to Frei-
berg's dismay.

“The only problem we have," Kantner said.
”is what to do with 55 minutes 0! material. You
can't put much more than 20 minutes on a side
without Ioalng aound quality."

The album is expected out in late June or ear-
ly July, and will be accompanied by a long sum-
mer tour.

THE WINGS tour. nearly grounded by guitar-

iat Jlmmy McCulloeh’s broken iinger,_wlil be.

reacheduled. The only problem is that the delay

will probably require maulve nshuming of the
314m. tour _ . A

Our '

ROD STEWART. who left for Miami alter um
smog sto his voice. is back at Cherokee Studi-
os. doin inal vocals for his A Night on the
Town LP. Chrla Jagger, you‘ltnow-who's brother,
is helping with background vocals . . .

ACROSS TOWN. Terry Itadahaw, quarter-
back for the champion Pittsburgh Steelers and
one—time church choirbby. sang his way through
his second engagement at the Palomino Club.
Bradshaw. a self-contessed “rookie at this music
thing." ‘did some tumbling around. but was non~
pluased alter the show.

“Some nights 1 even target the words." he
confessed. "it doesn't matter. I! this doesny
work out. i can always go back to my ranch and
raise stud cattle." -

TENTATIVE JULY 4 bookings included 'John
Denver at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.
the Mn 1m Festival in the streets 0! New