October 25, 2020

1978-04-09 – The Salina Journal

1978 04 09 The_Salina_Journal_Sun__Apr_9__1978_


Q: When can we expect a new album
:fl'om The Who? And what about the
SWho movie? -- Sam Silas, Montgom-
Zery. Ala.

v' A: According to a reliable source
:the new Who album is finished and
.MCA Records has scheduled it for a
:Iate May or early June release. The
:IIP as yet untitled. ls reportedly “rev-
’ved-up rock and roll. " with a sound
gsjmtlar to the band's classic “Whos
iNext. “ Most of the songs were written
‘by Pete Townshend and the album
was produced by Glyn Johns.

As for the Who film. “The Kids Are

I Alright.” no release date has been set
but it' 3 apparently finished. It was di-
' ; rected by Jeff Stein 3 Who fan of long
- standing. and consists of film clips
from all phases of the band's lo.year~
-pius career. including television ap-
pearances and concerts -— from the be-
.‘ginning right up to their most recent
j show. a rare appearance at the Gal-
. mont Theater. located outside London.

As is usual with The Who. tour plans

_ are up in the air. Townshend says he

doesn‘t want to go on the road, while

lead singer Roger Daltrey says they

' will. Stay tuned for further devel-

The Who: From left are Roger

Daltrey. Keith Moon, Pete
Townshend and John Entw-

Q: Is there any truth to the rumor
that the Allman Brothers Band might
get back together? And when was their
first album released? I think It was
1968. but I'm not sure. — Wayne Alan
lleltman. Tupelo. Miss.

A: There has been talk of an Allman
Brothers reunion. in which they'll get
together to record one album. If that
works out. they might make it an an-