October 22, 2020

1978-04-22 – The Los Angeles Times

1978 04 22 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sat__Apr_22__1978_


THE WHO BOOKSHELF: The Who is topped only by
the Beatles and Rolling Stones on most lists of favorite “605
English rock bands, but the foursorne has not been nearly
as popular a book subject as its two rivals. Thus “A Decade
of the Who" (Hyperion Press: $9.95) should be a special
delight for Who fans.

The 239-page, large-size paperback is an “authorized
history in words, music, paintings and photography" of the
British quartet. As with most fan-oriented Stones and
Beatles books, “Decade” is more adoring than analytical.

Peter Townshend’s comments about some classic Who
tunes are especime interesting. “Pinball Wizard,” be ex-
plains good-naturedly, was put into “Tommy” to court the
favor of a critic who warned the Who that any rock opera
would be “pompous.” Knowing the critic (longtime Who
fan, Nick Cohn) was a pinball addict, Townshend wrote
“Wizard,” knowing Cohn wouldn’t be able to resist it.